Exclusive: Tan France Reveals the Secret to His Signature Hair (and Sky-High Volume)

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We’re just going to put this out there: We’re obsessed with Tan France’s hair. Whenever we watch an episode of Queer Eye, we can’t help but gaze at his gray coif and wonder: How do his locks look so lustrous? And how on earth does he achieve such lift?

Well, we had the chance to chat with France while he was in New York City to promote his partnership with Men’s Wearhouse and its annual Suit Drive (going on now through July 31). And, of course, we got right down to business, quizzing him about the specifics of his hair-care routine.

“My hair products are simple—it’s a blow-dry and then all I do is put a very light oil in my hair and then a pomade,” he says. “The oil is just to add moisture back into my hair and the pomade is to keep the shape.”

Products aside, his signature look has everything to do with styling and technique. “I use next to nothing in my hair. It all comes from the blow-dry.”

That said, there is one thing that gets in the way of his picture-perfect mane: The weather. “When it’s really humid outside, there’s nothing you can do about it. In Philly [where season 5 of Queer Eye is being filmed], the humidity is so bad that I’ve actually started to wear my hair curly. I have a very natural curl, so in this season, I wear my hair like that a lot.”

While France might be relatively low maintenance when it comes to his hair, he does have a rather involved skin-care regimen. “I use a face mask once a week that I make myself—it’s just two ingredients. Then, I moisturize every night with the most incredible, thick moisturizer. After that, I use eye creams and serums. Products really do make a difference. I’m 36 and my skin doesn’t show it. I really appreciate that!”

We’re investing in a quality blow-dryer and moisturizer, stat.

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