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As far as summer accessories go, there’s nothing more glamorous than a big straw hat. In fact, we’ll take a topper of any variety to finish off our warm weather outfits: visors, ranchers, fedoras, baseball caps, you name it. (Plus, we’re definitely not mad about that extra sun protection for our delicate faces). Here, we rounded up 23 of the best summer hats for women to start snapping up now, before the beaches reopen.

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1. Lack of Color The Spencer Wide Brimmed Boater

Let’s start with a classic: the straw boater. This beauty will look good paired with anything, from your bathing suit to jeans and heels.

Buy it ($89)


2. Madewell Washed Neon Baseball Cap

Sure, you could sport a cap adorned with logos and slogans galore, but we love the simplicity of this sun-washed basic.

Buy it ($30)


3. Eric Javits 'Hampton' Straw Sun Hat

This glamorous hat is giving us major Meredith Blake vibes (in the best way possible). But if black isn’t really your summer vibe this Eric Javits style comes in nine other shades, from delicate lilac to denim blue and four variations of beige.

Buy it ($225)


4. Anthropologie Tyler Fringed Bucket Hat

Yes, bucket hats are still going strong for summer 2020. We’re especially into the frayed edges of this cream Anthropologie version because the detail lends an old-school vibe.

Buy it ($32)


5. Eugenia Kim Vicky Hat

Whether you wear this sporty visor to play volleyball on the beach, with a neon sundress or to deal poker with your girlfriends, it’s sure to rake in the compliments.

Buy it ($145; $87)


6. Ale by Alessandra Tierra Hat

If you’re the type of gal who prefers to wear jeans all day every day, why not incorporate a slice of your favorite fabric into your headgear?

Buy it ($84)

Need Supply Co.

7. Ganni Washed Denim Bucket Hat

For that matter, why not skip the straw or felt and reach for a hat that’s entirely made of denim? (Tia and Tamara Mowry would definitely approve.)

Buy it ($135; $95)


8. Anthropologie Taylor Printed Baseball Cap

The combination of sporty and fashion-forward means this cap will go with pretty much anything and everything you plan to wear this summer.

Buy it ($38)


9. Eric Javits Bayou Packable Squishee Fedora

So, you want an accessory that provides sun protection but won’t be a nuisance to carry around once you step indoors? This adorable fedora can be squashed into a bag without losing its shape.

Buy it ($198)


10. L.L.Bean Packable Cotton Bucket Hat

If you’re going to wear a ‘90s throwback, why not go all the way, with a madras patchwork pattern? Keep the rest of your outfit simple (like a crisp white sundress or jeans and a Breton stripe top) to ensure you don’t look like you just stepped off the set of All That.

Buy it ($35)


11. Stutterheim Waterproof Bucket Hat

If you’re really loving the bucket hat resurgence, we suggest picking up on in a waterproof fabric for those unexpected summer thunderstorms.

Buy it ($55)


12. Lulus Take Me Away Beige Oversized Floppy Straw Hat

Wide-brim straw hats are a beach must-have for two reasons: sun protection and adding a bit of glam. This extra-wide silhouette ups the ante on both and has us thinking about the oversize Eric Javits topper that Ariana Grande wore on the August 2019 cover of Vogue.

Buy it ($58)


13. ASOS Design Straw Visor

Most straw visors come with a Velcro closure in the back. But fine hair has a tendency to get caught in all those hooks and eyes, which is why we were glad to find this chic alternative, finished with an adjustable grosgrain ribbon.

Buy it ($16)


14. South Beach Exclusive Straw Boater

This black boater comes with two bands, one white and one black, so you can switch up your look on the fly without needing to tote around two hats at once.

Buy it ($16)


15. Florabella Harper Hat

The frayed edges of this wide-brim hat give it a worn-in feeling, like you’ve rocked it for years—just without any of the gross sweat marks or odd smells that frequently accompany such a well-worn item.

Buy it ($143; $101)


16. Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Stripe Wide Brim Hat

Stand out from the sea of beige or black straw numbers with this multi-hued stunner that’s guaranteed to earn you a whole lot of “oh my gosh, where’d you get that?!”

Buy it ($59; $42)


17. Janessa Leone Lucie Hat

Then again, the classic combination of tan straw and a black grosgrain band is timeless for a reason. If you find yourself picking up a new version of this style every summer, we think it’s definitely time to invest in a high-quality hat you can wear for years to come.

Buy it ($230; $184)


18. Athleta Dipsea Bucket Cap

That handy chin strap means this waterproof topper is totally secure, which is much preferred over worrying about your umbrella flipping inside out or that pesky hood flying off your head.

Buy it ($48)

Sweaty Betty

19. Sweaty Betty Swifie Running Cap

Yes, this is technically a running or workout cap, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it to the beach, the farmers’ market or out to brunch with friends as well. Plus, the sweat-wicking material mean you’re less likely to end up with hat hair, even if you do start to overheat.

Buy it ($30)


20. Loeffler Randall Felice Trimmed Rancher

Think of this as a high fashion take on a backpacking staple. Sure, you could sport it for an afternoon hike, but we’d rather pair it with some some a oversize blouson sleeve blouse or a billowing sundress for a walk around town.

Buy it ($195)


21. FAITHFULL THE BRAND Floral-print cotton-corduroy sunhat

With a brim a bit wider than your average bucket hat, this floral fisherman style isn’t rugged in the least and that’s exactly why we like it. That and the adorable ties that hang down around your face. (You can always tuck them up into the hat when they're not in use.)

Buy it ($89)


22. J.Crew Woven Hat with Extra-Wide Brim

If you’re not really one for vibrant colors but still want a little something extra to separate you from the pack, look no further than this geometric black and white weave from J.Crew.

Buy it ($70; $40)


23. Lack of Color Lysette Rancher

We came for that gorgeous cream color but stayed for the delicate tan trim and beautifully ornate band.

Buy it ($159)

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