Anklets bring back the warm nostalgia of summer camp and memories of handmade jewelry gifted by your best friend. But along with several other 90s staples, it seems that this trend is back in full force with a 2021 twist.

Seen on supermodels like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, style stars like Shea Marie and featured in major runway shows, anklets are seriously resurging this summer as a sometimes delicate, sometimes bold foot adornment.

Ready to take on this throwback trend as a full-blown adult? Here are four ways to nail the trend, without looking like you’re headed to the mall in 1997.

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8 Other Reasons

1. Go Simple

While we were keen on fun colors and beads as young ones, this time around we’re going for super simple chains. Think layered 14K gold or silver chain links, rather than beaded or even woven options.

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2. Make A Statement With Bold Chain Links

If subtlety isn’t your thing, we totally get it. A bold yet sophisticated way to attack the trend is with a chain link anklet that’s attention grabbing but still plenty polished. Pair them with heavily soled flip flops or chunky sandals for a y2k vibe that feels fresh.

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Victoria Emerson

3. Bring The Beachy Vibes

If you’re looking to have a bit of fun with your anklet, but don’t want to look silly, go for a beachy, seashell or freshwater pearl theme. It’s the perfect addition to flowy, effortless dresses and breezy linen pants.

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4. Charms are still in high demand

Much like in the days of your adolescence, charmed jewelry still has a certain well…charm. Whether you opt for dainty butterflies or initials, the key to making this look adult-appropriate is going for an anklet with subtle, delicate additions. (R.I.P. giant sterling silver shamrock.)

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