Psst: We Found the Best Way to De-Pill Your Clothing, Thanks to TikTok

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If you love rocking some sweaters, hats and mittens this winter, then you’ll surely be familiar with unfavorable (and unavoidable) pilling of the fabric. This occurs with natural friction and wear, when the fabric gets twisted into tiny balls, and often increases when you toss your items in the laundry (which is something that’s not really worth skipping).

Although pilling is not necessarily a sign of low-quality material, if you’re anything like us, pesky lint is the bane of your existence. You may think you’ll just have to live with tediously picking these unsightly fuzz balls off with your fingers (and risk stretching out the fabric), but luckily, we have a fast-acting solution for under $75, thanks to a gadget we discovered on TikTok called Steamery.

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We love this powerful and versatile little fabric shaver that’ll keep your clothing looking presentable in seconds. (Seriously, our editors were amazed at how it restored shabby old beanies and sweaters to looking off-the-rack new.) It works with a little internal engine that claims to be twice as effective than other standard lint shavers. It can be conveniently charged via USB, and lasts for up to a whopping 50 minutes. The Steamery works with every fabric you can think of, and even claims to make materials last longer when you use it. This is because it eliminates lint without being too harsh on your clothing. It even gathers all the lint at the bottom of the device, so you can twist it off and see your progress. (Trust us—it's super satisfying.) Better yet? It’s 100 percent TikTok tested and approved. What’s not to like?

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