The 9 Worst Shoes Men Wear

Please, for our sake, just stop

Guys, we get it. You don’t have as many footwear options as us ladies. But that doesn’t mean that you should, under any circumstances, wear any of the following nine styles. Please. We beg you. (Even you, baseball-pitching President Obama.)

1. Square-Toe Dress Shoes
Specifically the slide-on loafers with the vertical seams (shudder). Even though they're in your face at every retailer from Macy's to Men's Wearhouse, that does not mean they're acceptable. 

2. Super-Pointy Dress Shoes
And if you think these are a suitable alternative to square toes, you are not right. (The better option: a slightly pointed but softly rounded toe.)

3. Dad Sneakers
You know the ones: white leather, always worn outside the gym and usually paired with light-wash, high-water jeans. (See above.)

4. Any Athletic Sneaker Outside the Gym
If your shoes have a specific fitness purpose, they are no friend to denim. For that, invest in cool (flat-soled) kicks that are for style only.

5. Toe-Separated Running Shoes
Do these even need an introduction?

6. Flip-Flops
We’re not even fans of flip-flops on women, and our feet are far less offensive than yours. So imagine the collective impression when you wear beach shoes to a restaurant.

7. Sport Sandals
Even thinking about the word "velcro" makes our legs cross.

8. Crocs
Are you an accomplished gardener and/or Mario Batali? Then, no.

9. Cowboy Boots
Are you an actual cowboy? Then, also no. (But cowboys, call us.)

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