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This Wearable Sleeping Bag Is the Only Way I’m Getting Through Cold-Weather Catch-ups
Courtesy of Rachel Bowie

My best friend and I had been angling for a socially distanced catch-up over the past few weeks, despite the fact that temps in our area have recently been peaking in the low 30s. And I was adamant that, given the rising COVID-19 case numbers, we couldn’t hang indoors. So, I was resigned to absolutely freeze, all in the name of safe socializing.

That is, until I saw a friend’s post on Instagram about the Selk’bag Sleeping Bag. It’s not exactly what it sounds like; this Amazon find is actually an insulated wrap for your body that’s designed to keep you warm from head to toe—and it’s intended to be worn out and about in brisk weather.

“This is chic AF!” I typed in my friend’s IG comments. As I switched over to Amazon, the vibrant hues (FYI, my friend was rocking the purple evening color) and surprisingly figure-flattering fit caught my attention immediately. This was no Michelin man look; the sleeping bag actually has a slightly nipped in waist. The Selk’bag is technically designed for seasoned campers and outdoor enthusiasts, with two layers of insulation, elastic hand enclosures and deep cargo pockets for carrying essentials, but in a pandemic, we’re kind of all outdoor enthusiasts, right? So yeah, I had to try one out myself.

TBH, I wanted to copy my friend’s fuchsia-like shade, but it was temporarily sold out. So, the exact color I opted for is called blue puffin and it features neon orange piping along each zippered pocket. And I’m not going to lie, I put my wearable sleeping bag on as soon as it arrived. Yup, I simply took it out of the box and zipped it up over my clothes. At the time, I was wearing skinny jeans and a bulky sweater but the Selk’bag went on seamlessly. It wasn’t too snug or tight and I could chase after my toddler without it ever feeling restrictive. This is where the size chart supplied by the brand comes in handy. The sizing is based on your height, so you want to be sure you select accordingly. (I’m 5’2” and opted for a medium.)

But wait, you might be wondering, what kind of shoes go with a wearable sleeping bag? The Selk’bag comes with zip-off booties made of durable nylon, so you can toggle between your own boots or the included booties for an added layer of warmth over your regular shoes.

Finally, the day came for my bestie hang and the plan was to sit—masks on and socially distanced—by her built-in fire pit. The temp that afternoon was approximately 37 degrees, so it was on the warmer side (ha!). But I remained toasty warm for our nearly two-hour outdoor catch-up. (OK, the glass of red wine I sipped helped a bit.) Just as it would be for camping, this suit felt incredibly practical for a pandemic.

I stuffed the pockets with all my gear and it easily housed my phone, hand sanitizer, wallet, gloves, an extra mask. I felt properly outfitted without any extra items to keep track of. I also loved the adjustable hood and hand covers, which meant I didn’t even have to bust out my gloves. I did wear it bootie-less into the supermarket on my drive home (I needed bread!), but no one seemed to stare or really pay me any attention. IRL, it really just looks like stylish cold-weather gear and it feels just as comfy as it appears.

In a time where hugs are off-limits, is this a Selk’bag the next best thing? It’s pretty damn snuggly, so maybe.

$170 on Amazon

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