8 Secrets of Women Who Always Look Put Together

You, too, can be this chic

You know the ladies we're talking about: the ones at work, at book club, at PTA, hell even at the gym, who just seem effortless. You wonder how they dress so well but you can't quite pinpoint the exact reasons why. Here's what they do.

10 Secrets of Women Who Are Eternally Cool

1. They Know The Devil Is In The Details

A slight half tuck. A loose roll of the sleeve. Small extra steps go a long way in the presentation of an otherwise boring oxford shirt.

2. They Pay Special Attention To Fit

There are two rules of fit you must follow: 1) Know what looks great on your shape, and 2) befriend your tailor. Hemming those culottes jumpsuits by even just one inch could make all the difference.

3. They Choose Like-minded Materials

We're not calling it a "theme"...but rather a motif. If you want that killer new denim mini to stand out in a good way, pair it with wools and suedes (not silks and rayons).

4. They Make Their Nails A Priority

You may think no one notices it's been two weeks since your last mani. But they do. Trimmed nails and soft cuticles give the illusion that everything else you're wearing is expensive and important.

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5. They Take Care Of Their Things

Like your nails, people also notice raveling threads. Do a gut-check before you leave the house and steam out any wrinkles, buff off any shoe scuffs, clip any errant strings and give the ol' lint roller a whirl. (It may sound obvious but you may also be picking off dog hair as we speak.)

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6. They Weave In New Trends...subtly

Raw-hemmed culotte jeans are a lot--we know. But ladies who always look put together? Always pair them with more classic, neutral pieces.

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7. They Allow Themselves To Be Comfy (not Sloppy)

There's a difference. Keep your sneakers clean and your elastic fabrics form-fitting and you should be just fine.

8. They Carry Themselves With Confidence

But regardless of what you're wearing, your posture speaks volume. Hold your chin up, your shoulders back and your tummy in. And whatever it is you're wearing will suddenly hang the way it's supposed to.

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