Sara and Erin Foster’s Biggest Wardrobe Disasters Are Totally Relatable

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Coffee spilled down the front of your freshly dry cleaned shirt. A dress that reveals way too much leg (that you conveniently noticed the moment you arrived at work). The strap of a sandal that snaps while you’re walking to the bar. Wardrobe mishaps happen to all of us because apparently wearing clothes (while simply existing in the world) isn't an easy thing to do.

But luckily for us mere plebians, most of those ‘omg, oops!!’ moments happen in front of just a handful of people: your best friend, the bartender and maybe a few coworkers. For reality stars, all-star Instagram commenters and co-heads of creative at Bumble, Sara and Erin Foster, the general public has been privy to some of their most embarrassing moments.

For Sara, the actress and former model, there’s one moment in 2004 that she just can’t forget about: The red carpet of the premiere for The Big Bounce. It was also her very first movie, starring Owen Wilson, Charlie Sheen and Morgan Freeman.

“I had Rachel Zoe style me, it was this whole thing,” Sara told PureWow. “She put me in this amazing outfit, but in the 11th hour, I felt really insecure, so I changed. I put on a really cheesy beaded gown. It was strapless and it was wild. It hit me in all the wrong places, it was too big. It was green and it looked like the color of poo. It was my moment and I blew it.”

Erin, meanwhile, admitted that she had a whole decade of disasters (her words, not ours!). Those cringe-worthy ten years included an emo phase, way too many choker necklaces and, for some reason, belts with their buckles worn sideways. But, more recently, Erin had a fiasco that felt a little closer to home.

She explained: “I had a really cool Elizabeth & James sweatsuit that was matching: A crewneck white sweatshirt and matching sweatpants, and they were crisp white. They went into the wash really white and they came out banana yellow. If I’d be using Studio by Tide, they would be perfect. Studio has all of Tide’s reliability and consistency, but it’s able to be used on more of the delicate or special pieces that you’re scared to wash.”

So yeah, not only do these Hollywood regulars get invited to Kim and Kanye’s most intimate parties and attend movie premieres, but they also ruin their clothes in the wash and regret their past clothing choices, too. Ah, celebs, they are just like us.

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