This Major Summer Trend Is Perfect for When You’re Feeling Lazy

three women wearing ruched clothing
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images ; Christian Vierig/Getty Images ; Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Summer 2018 was all about smocked fabric and all the wonderful things it can do for showing off your figure without literally putting every lump or bump on display. This year, however, we've moved on to smocking's equally flattering and somewhat more grown-up cousin: ruching. And we have to say, we really hope this trend lasts.

There are many reasons to adore this bunched and gathered detail (it's frilly and fun, adds texture to your look, etc.) but there are three in particular that really made us fall in love with ruching.

First, it helps to create the illusion of a smooth silhouette by drawing attention away from any areas you might feel self-conscious about. Because the ripples and folds of the fabric create a bunch of bumps on their own (wonderfully chic bumps, we might add), any additional volume simply adds to the interesting effect. To paraphrase one of our fashion icons, Ina Garten: How fabulous is that?

On the other hand, because this shape is all about adding volume, it can help give a boost in areas where you might want a little extra something-something. Small bosom? Try a blouse that bunches down the front of the bodice. Barely there derrière? Opt for a ruched skirt or dress with detail at the hips or along the backside.

Last, but most certainly not least, we love this trend because it was basically made to fulfill our lazy-gal dreams. It’s supposed to look bunched and rumpled. Which means we don’t have to break out the steamer or iron every time we want to rock the ruche, even if the item of clothing in question is cut from notoriously wrinkly fabrics, such as linen or rayon.

Be still, our shortcut- and fashion-loving heart. 



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