Katie Holmes’s Stylist Is Offering Virtual Styling Sessions & We’re Totally Signing Up​

Marie Kondo has The Magical Art of Tidying Up, The Home Edit team has its labeling system and now celebrity stylist Allison Bornstein is launching The System.

If the name Allison Bornstein sounds familiar, it’s because she’s the brilliant sartorial mind behind a lot of Katie Holmes’s style renaissance looks (the wide-legged jeans! The tiger print boots! The polka-dot tights!). But, when she’s not pulling together chic and unexpected looks for Holmes, Bornstein is a stylist for Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and a number of celebrities. Oh, did we mention she just started offering virtual styling sessions?

Yes, Bornstein recently released The System as a brand-new method of cleaning out and revamping your closet. Now, you can tap into your personal style, and receive a sartorial revamp à la Holmes, with the help of your very own celeb stylist. In the wake of social distancing, Bornstein is offering virtual styling sessions via Facetime for $150 and hour and is donating $50 of that to local New York food banks. She also offers in-person styling sessions for $250 an hour, but let’s utilize that some other time, shall we?

Bornstein tells PureWow that she started the service “to make women feel good and taken care of.” It’s an offering she feels will be especially helpful in giving us all something to look forward to as we hunker down at home.

Curious about how the celeb stylist works her magic? Here’s Bornstein’s five-step process broken down.

1. The Regulars

Establish what you wear all the time, take those pieces out of your closet and set them aside.

2. The Nevers

Now, select the items that you never wear. These can be things you love and wish you wore more, or things that don’t suit you anymore.

3. Categorize the Nevers Into ‘No,’ ‘Not Now’ and ‘How?’ Piles

If you know you’re not going to wear something again or it’s damaged, go ahead and put it in a “no” pile. You’ll donate, sell or otherwise get rid of these. If you like an item, but it doesn’t fit with where you are in your life at the moment (i.e. is pregnancy-specific), put it in a separate “not now” pile. And, make a whole other pile for items you really like but can’t quite figure out how to wear. These are your “how?” pieces and you’re about to get real familiar with them.

4. Revival

Take your “how?” pieces over to your regulars section and weave them together to create new outfits.

5. Categorize

Finally, it’s time to put everything back. Separate the pieces you’re keeping by color as well as by item type (tops, pants, dresses, etc.). Place your go-to items next to “how?” items and enjoy what feels like a whole new wardrobe. Pack away your “not now” items and take a moment at the end of the season to see if you still need them or would be comfortable donating them.

If you’re interested in booking your own styling session, you can reach Bornstein on her website or directly via email at

Happy System-ing, friends.


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