Real talk: All-black outfits are our main, number one go-to. They’re flattering and easy to put together. But if you’re worried about looking a little boring (or like you’re on your way to a funeral), we have nine ways to spice up your monochromatic looks.

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black clutch
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Add a Pop of Print

An all-black outfit is the perfect palette for standout accessories. Maybe you’re not into wearing a leopard print dress, but a chic leopard clutch is an excellent way to inject a little fun into a simple look. If ever there were a time to parade your favorite statement bag, this is it.

black scarf
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Or a Hint of Color

Bags aren’t the only accessory that can elevate black clothes. A silk scarf tied tight around your neck can be the cherry on top of your favorite look (without forcing you to get too far out of your neutral-color comfort zone).

black belt
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Belt It

Yes, her belt says "Goodbye" in giant letters, but you get the point. Adding a metallic or colored belt works for two reasons: First, it’s a chic touch that pops on an all-black background. Second, it adds extra slimming power to an already flattering color palette.

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black heels
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Make Sure Your Shoes Stand Out

Noticing a theme? When it comes to making an all-black outfit interesting, accessories are your best friends. Black pants and a black coat get the street-style-star treatment with cool lace-up heels. Something to note: Statement shoes don’t have to mean statement heels. Your most rad pair of sneakers would look equally great here.

black material
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Mix Materials and Textures

There’s nothing wrong with an all-black outfit that happens to be all cotton as well, but try mixing it up with an unexpected fabric like leather, suede or faux fur every now and then.

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black proportions
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Play With Proportions

Voluminous tops with tight bottoms. Wide legs with snug blouses. The key to keeping things interesting with a monochromatic look often comes down to how you balance out the silhouette.

black sheer
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Show the Slightest Hint of Skin

At first glance, this is a pretty standard (albeit stylish) combination. Look a little closer, though, and swoon over the mesh top peeking out from the top of her blazer. All black can sometimes seem stiff and buttoned-up, but subtly sexy details like this keep it current and cool (but still appropriate).

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black skirt
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And If You Go Short, Go Loose

More on proportions: If you’re wearing a mini skirt or dress (this goes for most colors, not just black), keep the overall fit on the looser side to avoid veering into clubbing territory.

black fringe
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Find Pieces with Tiny (But Awesome) Details

See that cool fringe? Subtle details like this are the difference between a run-of-the-mill ensemble and one that will have everyone asking where you got your pants.

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