The Ultimate Guide to Using Boob Tape

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In case you missed it, boob tape is the secret behind the braless-but-perky breasts so many celebs seem to be sporting. Yep, this soft and stretchy fabric adhesive can support and reshape the gals like nobody’s business and, because it can be trimmed, it’s easy to customize to any chest size and style of clothing. We know you’re ready to score a roll of the stuff straight away, which is why we got the lowdown on how to use boob tape. Read on and get ready to burn your bras, friends.

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Things to Consider When Using Boob Tape

You might not be inclined to use the same degree of caution when using boob tape as you would, say, a new at-home facial peel, but you probably should—particularly if you have sensitive skin. As with other products that go directly on the skin, it is a good idea to do a patch test with a small piece of the adhesive to see how well your skin tolerates it before you start bandaging up your boobs. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to get started—just be sure your skin is clean, dry and lotion-free so the tape sticks properly.

There’s no right or wrong way to use boob tape, and learning how to work with it will likely require some experimentation and practice. Still, there are some wardrobe-specific strategies that might come in handy. See below for a breakdown of the different styles that call for boob tape, plus tips on how to proceed.

how to use boob tape for a strapless top. actress Amanda Castrillo wears a sequined bandeau top and matching maxi skirt with a high thigh slit
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For Strapless Tops

It’s possible they exist, but we’ve never met a strapless bra that actually stayed in place. Going braless is always a (liberating) choice, but boob tape might be a better solution if you fear that going braless with a bandeau top will give your tatas the appearance of a single sausage link, or worse, your top will go the way of the strapless bra (i.e., down) and you’ll have a nip slip. Yep, boob tape not only offers coverage, but can also be used to shape and support your breasts when you’re wearing a strapless top. In fact, when applied properly, boob tape can give you the kind of bustier-style cleavage you can rest your drink on. Here’s how to do it.

  • Step 1: Cut a strip of boob tape that’s long enough to travel the width of your chest, from armpit to armpit.
  • Step 2: While leaning forward, apply the first strip at the very base of your breasts.
  • Step 3: Working from the bottom to the top, repeat this process with additional strips of tape. (If you’re going for full va-va-voom effect, you’ll want to continue leaning forward slightly.)
  • Step 4: Stop taping at the place your strapless top hits and your cleavage begins…and voila, you’re done.
how to use boob tape for a low cut top. photo of athlete aimee mullins in a plunging v neck dress
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

For Low-Cut Tops

For those who prefer the girls to be supported, plunging necklines can also present a problem. Needless to say, the solution is (again) boob tape. In this scenario, you’ll use the method described below to tape one boob at a time.

  • Step 1: Pick a boob, any boob, and push it into the place where you want it. (A little higher? Front and center?)
  • Step 2: Next, cut a strip of tape long enough to run from your underarm to just past your nipple and apply it (horizontally) underneath the breast at the level where a bra band would hit.
  • Step 3: While still pushing the boob in place, start working upwards, applying additional strips along the bustline in a horizontal direction.
  • Step 4: Finally, apply a couple more strips in a vertical direction, starting at the base of the breast and ending over the shoulder. Hint: Push your boob inward as you do this if you want cleavage. When the job is complete, you’ll basically have a harness that doesn’t meet in the middle.
how to use boob tape for triangle tops. Julianne Hough wears a floral-print halter dress to the 2023 tony awards
Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

For Triangle Tops

For triangle tops, halter tops and other such styles, you will need to create two individual bra cups without the shoulder strap. To do this, simply follow steps one through three of the low-cut taping guide and finish by using small strips to tape vertically from the base of the breast to just above the nipple. The end result will be a supportive mermaid shell that’s well-concealed under your clothing.

How to Remove Boob Tape

It might sound a little scary, but fear not: Boob tape is designed for use on the skin, so removal is not going to cause you pain. That said, it’s a good idea to use pasties—a cotton pad will work in a pinch—over your nipples before you begin taping. Finally, if you’re experiencing any discomfort when peeling off the tape, simply lube up the area with a little body oil and it will be easier to remove.

Popular Boob Tape to Shop

1. Booby Tape

What We Like

  • good support
  • works with upscales dresses
  • lasts all night

What We Don't Like

  • only three colors


Known simply as the "Booby Tape," this tape is the first to make our list as it's lauded for its all-day support. Made with a blend of cotton and spandex, the strips are super supportive and easy to put on (especially in cases when you're looking for a little extra lift). As per reviewers, the tape works for all cup sizes with one buyer raving: "I bought this for a bridesmaid dress that required a strapless bra but I’m a 32a and even a strapless bra wasn’t working for me. This tape worked wonders and stayed put all day. I honestly don’t think it wanted to come off when the time came (12 hours later." This Bobby tape maximizes confidence, and is ultra comfortable as you can stretch/adjust as needed.

2. Nood Breast Tape

What We Like

  • supportive
  • multiple color options
  • accompanies backless and cutout styles

What We Don't

  • expensive


While the Nood Boob Tape runs more expensive than some of the others on the market, it's one of the best in the biz when it comes to its stretch factor. Waterproof and sweatproof, the tape is made primarily with hemp (and a tad bit of nylon), giving you an equal balance of lift and support. The application and removal process is an easy one (the brand recommends using baby oil or an adhesive while taking off), and did we mention the comfort is superb? Heads up: it's recommended that you size up if you're in between sizes to ensure the best possible fit.

3. Okela Boob Tape

What We Like

  • affordable
  • sticks like glue
  • no slippage
  • multiple colors

What We Don't Like

  • can be tricky to remove


Available in nine different shades, the Okela Boob Tape is one that will stick right by your side...or your chest rather! Naturally made with hemp material, the tape is extra supportive towards all chest sizes, giving your boobs a contoured appearance. Currently priced under $10, this tape is one of the most affordable you'll find out there, and a good starting point if you've never used boob tape as if it doesn't work you're only out about ten bucks. It might take a little extra elbow grease at the end of the day to remove, but it's totally worth it when you consider how great the tape works with a v-cut dress.

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