8 Little Ways to Make Any Outfit Look More Expensive

In a perfect world, we’d have an unlimited clothing budget. In reality, though, the checkout girls at our nearest Zara know us by name. But just because we aren’t spending thousands on our outfits doesn’t mean we can’t look like we are. Here are eight of our go-to tricks for making every single outfit look more expensive.

The 9 Best Fashion Tips We’ve Ever Heard

woman wearing a striped shirt with black pants and a blazer
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Get Pieces Tailored

Trust us: The perfect fit can take an OK outfit to new heights. See how the blazer and pants above look like they were practically made for her body? Looks like a million bucks, right? That’s what impeccable tailoring will do. (Psst…the shirt’s actually from Banana Republic.)

woman wearing jeans black turtleneck and blue blazer
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Tuck In Your Tops

This one is super simple and works with just about any pair of pants or skirt. Tucking in your top instantly adds polish to your overall look, giving off the impression that you’re thoughtful and particular about your outfits (like someone who only shops at Saks).

woman wearing an all black outfit
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Wear All One Color

We’re huge fans of monochromatic dressing. Not only is it super easy to do (since you’re taking matching out of the equation), it’s fashion-forward and chic, in a “what designer is she wearing?” kind of way.

woman wearing black pants and jacket with white shirt
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Stick To Basics

Is there anything groundbreaking about pairing black pants with a white button-down and black blazer? No, but it’s a sharp look that’s easy to nail. Piling trends on top of trends, on the other hand, can go from stylish to cheap in the blink of an eye.

woman wearing striped pants and white sneakers
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Keep Your Wardrobe In Great Condition

Especially accessories. Dirty sneakers or a scuffed handbag look sloppy—even if the rest of your ensemble is on point. Clean ‘em up, friends.

woman wearing a black outfit with a black quilted chanel bag
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Invest In One Really Nice Bag

Speaking of accessories, know that this is where you should splurge. Think about it: You could be wearing jeans and a T-shirt from H&M, but if you’ve got a gorgeous quilted Chanel bag slung over your arm or across your body, that’s where people’s eyes are going to go. Yes, it’s an investment, but you can wear it day in and day out to elevate pretty much any look.

woman wearing leopard coat and white pants
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Be Smart With Prints

Crazy prints are fun, but they can also look a little random and chaotic. When it comes to wearing them, if your goal is to look elegant, stick to bold, straightforward ones like leopard, and pair them with neutral colors like black, white and gray.

woman wearing midi skirt jacket and tall boots
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Opt For Longer Hemlines

There’s a time and a place for minis, but, in general, a midi-length skirt or dress always looks more refined.

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