The Most Awesome Trick to Keep Your Skirt from Twisting Around Your Waist

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Nothing feels quite as sleek and fashion-forward as a flowing midi skirt. That is, until you walk into the office and the zipper has somehow rotated to plain view from the front. Here, a genius trick to keep your skirt seams firmly in place. 

What you need: A safety pin. 

What you do: Adjust your skirt so it’s in its proper place, then find a discreet spot—like the side seam where your arms hang—to pin the skirt waist to your tights or underwear. 

Why this works: Think about it: The elasticity in tights and (properly fitting) underwear bands makes it so they really don’t move too much once you put them on. Hook your skirt to a piece of nylon or Lycra that’s stable and has nowhere to go.

Fashion genius. Pass it on.

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