How to Cuff Jeans: 3 Easy Ways to Tweak Your Denim from the Ankle Up

Whether it’s learning a creative way to tie a coat belt or keeping a white T-shirt looking pristine, we love a good fashion hack. And one of our favorite go-tos is cuffing our denim. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to give an old staple a fresh look, all while letting us show off those killer heels or cute boots. Bonus? Rocking cuffs also saves you a trip to the tailor if your jeans are just a little too long. But getting the folds right can be tricky. If they’re too loose, then your cuff will fall down before you’ve even had your morning coffee. And getting them even? Yeah, that’s tough too. Here’s how to cuff your skinny, straight or boyfriend jeans in three different (but very easy) ways.

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1. The Single Cuff

This one’s the easiest of the bunch and it’s ultra versatile. First, pick a spot about an inch or two above the hemline. Then fold the jeans up just once, using your thumbs. Make sure the fold is even on both sides and you’re good to go. 

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2. The Double Cuff

Fold over the stitched hem of the jeans just once (this fold will be very thin). Then fold the jeans over again (how high you go on the leg is up to you) to create a thicker cuff. Team with pumps or ankle boots to keep this from looking frumpy.

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3. The Pinroll 

Once you’ve mastered the single and double cuff, you’re ready for the pinroll, which is great when you want a tighter fit. To get the look, pull the hem of the jeans out to one side and fold the excess fabric back on itself. Keeping this fold, roll your jeans up once to hold it in place. Then fold the denim over one more time, keeping the cuff as tight and close to the leg as possible. (Here’s a video tutorial to show you how to master the pinroll step-by-step.)

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