We Discovered the Coolest Way to Tie Your Coat Belt (So It Will Never Drag on the Floor Again)

Every once in a while, we’ll spot a styling trick so intriguing we feel compelled to actually stop someone in their tracks to ask about it. And with the temperatures dropping in NYC, we’ve been paying much more attention to how the women (and sometimes men) around us are styling their jackets and coats. So when our most stylish coworker walked into the office with a seriously cool knot in her coat belt, we just had to ask: How’d she do that?

how to tie a coat belt

It was our very own editorial director of branded content, Angela Cuneo Pares, who was rocking the belt in question. Even better? She let us know that it’s super-easy to recreate and won’t come undone even if you’re (literally) running around town all day.

It’s technically called a Windsor half knot, but it’s much simpler than the name suggests. Essentially, it’s the same way you would tie a tie, just backward. Rather than having the knot face out, as it would around your neck, it faces in. Here’s exactly how to re-create it with your very own coat belt:

1. Adjust the buckle side so it’s a bit longer and cross it under the other end. (If neither side has a buckle, then simply choose whichever side you’d like to be longer.)

2. Cross the buckle back over the front so it lays perpendicular to the other end.

3. Pass the buckle under and up through the larger loop. You should now have a trapezoid-shaped loop around the two straps.

4. Pull the buckle end down and through the trapezoid to create the knot.

5. Tighten the knot to ensure it stays put and let both ends hang loose.

In the words of Ina Garten, how easy is that? If you need additional info or want to see a demonstration in action, check out this YouTube video from SartorialPhil. Now go forth and impress everyone with your impressive knot-tying know-how.

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