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Did you know that in addition to sun signs, each person has their own gift sign, too? Yeah, OK, we made that up. But turns out the stars do help. Find out what to gift each person in your life, based on their zodiac sign.

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Aries: Custom Denim Jacket

As the first sign in the zodiac chart, Aries like to see themselves as the trendsetters. In other words, they’re all about the things that nobody else has. While this can make the job slightly more difficult for you, a safe bet is to go for something monogrammed or custom-designed—like this jacket that you can personalize for free at any Madewell location.

Madewell ($168)


Taurus: Printed Silk Scarf

Tauruses can often be mistaken as vain. But hey, they just like to look good. Help them feel their best with a gift that’s built to last, like a printed silk scarf that she can wrap around her neck, handbag or wrist.

Kate Spade ($48)


Gemini: Chunky Ring

Gems are born communicators, so they love gifts that are interactive or stand out—conversation pieces, if you will. Get her a bold, gemstone ring that will hold her fascination (for at least a few weeks).

Alexis Bittar ($155)


Cancer: Ruffle Sweater

Emotional and sensitive, your Cancer pal is likely the best listener and your tried-and-true support system. Thank her with a cozy sweater that feels like a bear hug. 

Blank Denim ($78)


Leo: Leopard Booties

For the sign that’s literally akin to being the “king of the jungle,” get her something to help unleash that wild side. (Not that she even needs it.)

Matisse ($204)


Virgo: Metallic Sneakers

Virgos are a bit of a puzzle—their love of nature seems to be in direct conflict with their insatiable need to get shit done. But regardless of their affinities, good quality is a must. Get her a pair of designer sneakers that'll make trekking to barre class a whole lot more enjoyable.

Axel Arigato ($225)


Libra: Statement Earrings

Yes, this friend is probably very open about her love of expensive jewelry. However nothing means more to her than a gift that comes from the heart. Find an on-trend, sculptural piece that’ll remind her of you with each wear.

Gorjana ($39)


Scorpio: Luxe Wallet

Always comfortable in her skin, your Scorpio is bold, unnerving and hands down your biggest cheerleader. Nab her a bold red wallet in buttery leather to appease her practical side.

Furla ($70)

Nasty Gal

Sagittarius: Floral Maxi

Curious and enigmatic, this sign is known for their inner wanderlust. A moody floral dress with a touch of boho vibes is perfect for her holiday trip to Capri.

Nasty Gal ($42)


Capricorn: A Watch

You can also count on this gal to be punctual and responsible, so her gift should be just so. A classic watch with a rose gold finish is exactly what will make her tick (pun intended).

Daniel Wellington ($179)

Urban Outfitters

Aquarius: A Statement Tee

Aquarians don’t have time for dry cleaning or easily stained garments. Instead, get her a fierce cotton tee that she can tuck into her floral midi for a chic-as-heck ensemble. 

Urban Outfitters ($39)


Pisces: Yoga Leggings

Sweet, sweet Pisces. Compassionate, intuitive and loves to be pampered. Oh, and did we mention the yoga obsession? Help her amp up her practice with a fresh pair of leggings. 

Zella ($65)

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