Divorce Rings Are the Trend of 2023 That Offer Closure—and Sparkle—After a Split

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College of women's hands wearing non-traditional wedding rings.
Paula Boudes

Promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings are all meant to signify some type of romantic union. You’re taken—or you’re going to be. But what if we threw all that traditional posturing to the wind and gifted ourselves back our “wedding finger”? Enter: The divorce ring.

While an engagement or wedding ring is a wearable commitment to a marriage, a divorce ring is a wearable commitment to one’s self following a breakup. Jessica Flinn, a jewelry group that specializes in non-traditional (and ethically sourced) gemstones, recently worked with a client, 49, from the North of England who she decided to buy herself the Sophia ring, which retails for over $2,000. The reasoning? She told the jewelers that when she divorced she felt bare without her rings and missed wearing them: “I didn’t wear any rings on my wedding finger due to the end of my relationship. But because I missed my rings so much I decided to buy myself a new ring that had no attachments to anyone but me!” For this client, buying a new ring to replace the old ones was an act of self-love.

But purchasing a new ring in honor of your single self isn’t the only way to go about the divorce ring trend. Wedding and engagement ring specialists at Jessica Flinn have seen a 300 percent increase in remodel requests. Combined with a 139 percent rise in Google Trends data, and the hashtag #divorcerings on TikTok, the experts believe the requests are a sign of fresh divorcees repurposing their old gems.

Jessica Flinn-Allen, CEO and founder at Jessica Flinn shared her thoughts on the trend: “I feel like more people than ever before are now moving away from social stereotypes in terms of life timelines such as career, buying a house, getting married and having children. Instead, we see customers coming in with so many stories to tell, from having children first and then deciding to tie the knot to women coming in wanting a bespoke design to celebrate their divorce.

The point is, there is no type of jewelry or hand placement that’s off the table simply because you’re not married. And in the spirit of bucking tradition, who said it had to be called a divorce ring? If you want to bejewel your ring finger (or any finger) with a Self-Love ring, a Diamonds-Are-a-Girl’s-Best-Friend ring, a Just Because ring or an I-Love-My-Dachshund piece of bling—go for it. In fact, we found a selection of stunners we would happily get divorced to rock. (We kid…but take a look.)


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