Blake Lively Crushed Cannes as the Best-Dressed Pregnant Lady Ever

And made us immediately run to the tailor

When it comes to red carpets, sometimes we feel like we've seen it all. Ball skirt here, mermaid gown there. But this week at the Cannes Film Festival, Blake Lively set a new standard by parading out nine of the most expertly tailored dresses (and a jumpsuit!) a person--let alone a pregnant person--can wear.

In Versace

Just because you've got a bump does not mean you've got to wear a sack.

In Versace

Lively may force us to spend our entire next paycheck at the tailor, but if it'd mean we look half this good, we're OK with it.

In Vivienne Westwood

Now, we're not entirely sure where her bump is at this moment, but we're confident it's enjoying a much-needed break under this dream of a dress.

In Valentino

The fabric. The cut. The whole look is just--in the words of Linda Richman--buttah.

In Giambattista Valli

Ladies who are also expecting: Mini skirts are not off limits. In fact, they're adorable.

In Juan Carlos Obando

Same goes for jumpsuits.

In Versace

And cut-outs.

In Chanel

A master class in print mixing.

In Ferragamo

Life lesson: Why wear a dress at all when you can wear a feathered blazer?

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