The 13 Best Travel Wraps for Your Most Comfy Flight Ever

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We've all been there: You're midway through your flight or sitting in an your office and counting down the minutes until you arrive (or get to go home) because you're so cold, you can't stand the thought of being there for one more second. There's nothing you want more than a blanket to snuggle up in. Unfortunately, it's not always the most socially acceptable—or space efficient—option. That’s where the best travel wrap comes in. These soft, oversized pieces of fabric can be worn as scarves, wrapped around your shoulders, worn as a headscarf or unfurled into a small lap blanket for full body warmth. Stylish and ingenious!

What to Look for in a Travel Wrap

Travel wraps are essentially extra-large scarves, and size is one of the greatest considerations you'll have when choosing a travel wrap. A good size is about 70 inches long and 30 inches wide, so it can stretch over most of your body.

You'll also want to pay attention to material. There are several fabrics that will be both cozy and warm without feeling too bulky, making them ideal for travel wraps. We've outlined a few of the most popular options below.

  • Cashmere: Derived from Kashmir goats, these soft fibers are washed and then spun into yarn to create plush wraps. Loved for its soft warmth, ability to wick moisture and breathability, cashmere is guaranteed to keep you cozy on a long travel day. It does require a higher upkeep, however, as it's recommended to be dry cleaned or hand-washed due to its fine nature. We also suggest looking for manufacturers who practice more animal-friendly shearing techniques.

  • Wool: Made primarily from sheep's fur, wool is known to be some of the warmest fabric around. (Read: When that airplane air conditioner hits, a wool wrap will keep you nice and toasty.) It's hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with sensitivities, and it's mildew- and mold-resistant (wool can reportedly soak up to as much as 30 percent of its weight in water), meaning even if you spill a bit of liquid on it, it won't get super gross in your suitcase. You shouldn't put your wool in the dryer to avoid shrinking.

  • Polyester: A synthetic fiber made from a type of plastic, this ultra-durable material is moisture-wicking and ultra weather-resistant. It's also highly wrinkle-resistant, so it won't look like junk no matter how badly you smush it up under you in the back of the car.

  • Acrylic: Acrylic is a synthetic alternative to wool that is just as snuggly and dependable. It's highly resistant to UV fading, which means the dye will stay vibrant for longer, though it's not the most eco-friendly option around. Acrylic fibers also tend to stretch with heat, so never wash your scarf in hot water.

  • Cotton: Classic and easy, cotton is a staple for its durability, breathability and light breeziness. It's also another great option if you have allergies to any other fabrics.

  • Silk: If you want to add a but of luxe to your ensemble, silk is not only beautiful, but is a natural protein fiber obtained from the mulberry silkworm that's extremely strong and helps to regulate your temperature. It's lightweight, breathable and dries quickly, and it will feel nice against your skin, which can improve relaxation and sleep for some—perfect for any long journey ahead.

  • Microfiber: Made from synthetic fibers, such as polyamide (a nylon byproduct) and polyester, this elastic fabric will be super soft, since it has very small thread diameters. Beyond that, it's long-lasting and super lightweight, which is ideal if you're strictly a carry-on only person. The one downside? These fibers easily attract dirt and grime like a magnet.

How to Style a Travel Wrap

The best part of a travel wrap is its versatility. Since it can be worn in so many ways, you can literally style it with just about anything. Going poncho-style? Try it over a loose top or blouse and let it serve as your top layer. (Pro tip: Wear it with shawl pins or shawl buckle clasp so it won’t fall down.) If you're throwing it on as a scarf, a bulkier sweater and jeans will be fine, since it will sit neatly on top. When worn as a blanket, you can throw it over anything from a suit dress to a pair of sweats.

We’ve rounded up the best travel wraps you can buy based on material, shape and overall coziness below.

The Best Travel Wraps at a Glance

Best Overall Travel Wrap

1. J.Crew Oversized Cashmere Wrap


  • Why We Love It: Oversized, super soft, multiple color options

Soft cashmere in more than ten color options? Sign us up. The drape of this gorgeous best seller makes it easy to wrap yourself up in on a or to hide beneath a winter coat. And while it may be a little pricier than other options on this list, we think J.Crew's partnership with the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) to meet the nonprofit's Good Cashmere Standard, which works to improve the welfare of cashmere goats, as well as the "as the economic, social and ecological conditions experienced by cashmere farmers," is well worth it.

  • Why We Love It: Closing clasp, machine washable

Barefoot Dreams is known for its celebrity-favorite blanket, but the brand also makes a wrap that's just as cozy and soft. While it's designed to wear as a shawl, thanks to the included clasp, it can also be unhooked to wear blanket-style. Just note that to maintain its optimal coziness, the brand recommends avoiding dryer sheets.

Best Cashmere Wrap

3. Quince Mongolian Cashmere Wrap


  • Why We Love It: Real cashmere, oversized, sustainable

Made from 100 percent grade-A Mongolian cashmere, which Quince claims is ethically collected from Hicus goats in Inner Mongolia in the spring, when they don't need it as much for warmth, this ginormous wrap measures 86 inches by 25.5 inches—just the right size for snuggling up in. Plus, the bold hue options make it a standout piece.

Best Basic Travel Wrap

4. HappyLuxe Wayfarer Wrap


  • Why We Love It: UV-resistant, eco-friendly versatile, soft

This travel wrap is made from a unique tencel fabric (that's a highly sustainable wood pulp). The company claims it's two times softer to the touch than cotton and offers UPF 50+ sun protection to boot. It's got moisture-wicking properties as well, making it a great option to keep in your tote at all times, just in case.

Best Pattern

5. J. Jill Cashmere Luxe Wrap

J. Jill

  • Why We Love It: Matching top, chic pattern

This 70-inch by 30-inch cashmere number comes in three different colors, but we're partial to this one with a lightly speckled pattern that sets it apart from the pack. We also love that this one has a matching top that you can wear it with for a fully seamless look.

Most Cooling

6. Coolibar Sanibel Wrap


  • Why We Love It: Lightweight, UPF protection

Travel shawls aren’t just for fall and winter—sometimes, you want a little layer for a cooler beach day. This lightweight option offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun and its ZnO (zinc oxide) fabric that feels cooling to the touch. You can even wear it as a sarong over a bathing suit. While it meant for warmer weather, however, you'll want to note that it can get damaged from chlorine and salt water over time.

Best Poncho Wrap

7. Old Navy Flannel Wrap

Old Navy

  • Why We Love It: Fringe detailing, eco material

Is it a poncho—or is it a scarf? Regardless, it’s the perfect travel accessory. Made with an eyelash fringe trim and a cute flannel pattern, this can be thrown on as a festive layer or unfolded as an office-appropriate blanket. It also has an eco-friendly element, since it's made with 50 percent recycled materials.

Best Knit Wrap

PoilTreeWing Pashmina Wrap


  • Why We Love It: Tons of colors, fringe detailing, budget-friendly

Available in more than 20 color options, this travel wrap is one you might just want to nab in multiple hues. Made from a durable-yet-comfy polyester/cashmere blend, it will be your best friend when you're fighting your husband's low A/C temperature, and the chic fringe detailing is just a bonus. Did we mention it's also less than $30?

Best Wool Wrap

9. Splendid x Cella Jane Cashblend Scarf

Splendid x Cella Jane

  • Why We Love It: Super stylish, matching beanie

This Splendid collaboration with blogger Cella Jane makes for the ideal wintery accessory. Made of a nylon/wool/viscose/cotton blend, it will be both warm and versatile. Though this is admittedly more of a knitted scarf option, it’s still long and wide enough at 74.5 inches by 20 inches to function as a wrap. (Psst—There's also a matching beanie.)

Best Lightweight Wrap

10. Zero Grid Infinity Wrap

Zero Grid

  • Why We Love It: Hidden pockets, button snaps for convertible wear, hanging loop

Though it may look like a traditional infinity scarf, this wrap is actually so much more. It features zipper pockets, making it ideal for stashing keys or a passport during travel. Plus, the button snaps at both ends allow for extra customization, allowing it to easily go from scarf to blanket to hoodie. Bonus: There’s also a reflective loop for easy hanging.

Most Luxe Travel Wrap

11. Naadam Cashmere Solid Scarf


  • Why We Love It: Ethical sourcing practices, odor-blocking technology

At 75 inches long and 28 inches wide, this beauty was made for wrapping around you or draping it in a wrap-like fashion. The über-soft cashmere was sourced from Magnolia and hand-combed (a practice Naadam claims is more ethical and cruelty-free). The fringe detailing adds a bit of flair, and as a bonus, it's got a bit of odor-blocking technology, too.

Best Pattern

12. Genovega Blanket Wrap


  • Why We Love It: Affordable, warm

From a Christmas plain pattern to simple beige, there are 11 different patterns to choose from in this oversized wrap—and at this price, you'll probably want to buy a few of them. Its acrylic/cashmere blend makes it a bit thinner than others, but it's still large enough to cover your whole body, and warm, according to reviewers.

Most Durable Travel Wrap

13. Cuyana Alpaca Scarf


  • Why We Love It: Alpaca yarn, hypoallergenic, odor-resistant

You’ll likely have a hard time taking this handcrafted wrap off because of the incredibly soft Peruvian baby alpaca fur it’s made from (which, FYI, just so happens to also be hypoallergenic and naturally odor-resistant). It measures 20 inches by 70 inches to cover your entire body, and it's dry clean only. But soft fringe detailing and a classy gold button offer sweet detailing, as well.

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