The Best Hat for Your Face Shape

We love a great hat for the way it instantly pulls an outfit together, not to mention the sun protection. But for some of us, trying to find the right topper can feel like the pits. (How can something look so good on someone else yet make me look like a pumpkin-headed scarecrow?) Fortunately, there’s a style out there for everyone if you take a few basic guidelines into consideration. Find your best option below, and never utter the words “I’m not a hat person” again.

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if your face is round try a boater or bolero

If Your Face Is Round, Try A Boater Or Bolero

Anything with too high of a crown (like a fedora) can accentuate wider cheeks. Instead, opt for one of these flat-topped styles—the structured shape will offset the roundness. (We promise you won’t look like you’re in a barbershop quartet.)

Get the look: Treasure & Bond ($17); Janessa Leone ($286); Gucci ($520)

if your face is oval try a lampshade or bucket hat

If Your Face Is Oval, Try A Lampshade Or Bucket Hat

We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t bucket hats best left to the Delia’s catalog and dads on vacation? Well, the ’90s silhouette is back (and chicer this time, we swear). Both the bucket hat and its relative, the lampshade, are characterized by a downward-sloping brim, ideal for balancing a longer face.

Get the look: Brixton ($58); Pixie Market ($72); Helen Kaminski ($220)

if your face is square try a wide brim floppy hat

If Your Face Is Square, Try A Wide-brim Floppy Hat

Just as angular shapes flatter round faces, a less-structured shape is best for a strong jawline. (Remember, the goal is to complement your features, not mirror them.) Bonus points for on-trend details like a frayed brim or chunky stitching.

Get the look: LA Hearts ($21); Hat Attack ($98); Filu ($496)

if your face is heart shaped try a fedora or panama

If Your Face Is Heart-shaped, Try A Fedora Or Panama

You can pull off a variety of styles, but avoid anything too oversize, which can overwhelm daintier chins. These classic menswear hats have a smaller brim that won’t drown you but will still keep the sun off your face.

Get the look: Banana Republic ($47); Peter Grimm ($65); Rag & Bone ($230)

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