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Look I don’t want to turn this into a woe-is-me article, but at 5’1”, there’s a lot I can’t do: Try out for the Rockettes, reach the top shelf of my closet, rock a white pantsuit without looking like an Oompa Loompa, and so on.

Maxi dresses typically fall into that “not for you” category. Because unless I buy them in the petite department, they tend to puddle about four inches on the ground below me. So, when I find one that fits, I know it’s a keeper. And when I find one at a bargain price, well…I need to sing it from the rooftops.

Enter the YESNO Summer Beach Swing Dress, which I bought on Amazon for a mere $27. With an empire waist, trendy tiered construction and breezy floral print (you can choose from 39 patterns; I went for the light blue with red and orange flowers), it has that effortless “oh I’m just hanging my laundry out to dry while my perfect, barefoot children frolic in a meadow” vibe. It’s also 100 percent cotton and remarkably comfortable, which is ideal if you—like me—prefer your summer clothes to float gently away from your sweaty, smelly body.

I went for a size S, though an XS would have worked too if I’d wanted a slightly more fitted look. And the length couldn’t be more flattering for my petite frame: It hits right at my ankles, meaning there’s no fabric trailing behind me and I can actually show off my summer sandals. According to the Amazon product shot, this frock hits a less vertically challenged person right around mid-calf.

As some reviewers have noted, the fabric is very thin, so I shan’t be wearing any leopard-print underpants underneath it. (JK. All my underpants are this amazing and decidedly non-sexy brand.)

But bottom line: You can bet I’ll be buying this dress in at least three more colors.

$27 at Amazon

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