Somewhere Blair Waldorf Is Smiling at This New Hair Trend

headbands are trending

Paging Queen B: It's time for your return to power. Or at least the return of your signature hair style. That’s right Blair Waldorf’s favorite accessory, the headband, is having a major comeback.

Headbands have been in and out of vogue since the turn of the century, but the 2019 version takes cues from everyone’s favorite fictional fashion maven, Miss Waldorf. And just like Blair, today’s style stars are favoring padded, knotted and embellished versions over slim and dainty options. Basically, the bigger the better.

Even Kate Middleton is a fan (although her hatbands are probably larger than most people would choose for the average day to day).

Satin top knots, padded velvet, crystal-encrusted and pearl-adorned bands are the most popular styles for spring 2019, with designs from Lele Sadoughi in particular popping up all over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

Yes, headbands have a tendency to give off preppy style vibes (they were basically made to be worn with cardigans). But if that’s not really your style, have no fear. The WASP-y accessory looks just as fabulous with loose beachy waves, boho sundresses, basic T-shirts and boyfriend jeans as it does with your Wimbledon whites. 

"But how do I wear one all day long without developing a headache?" you ask. We have a few tricks up our sleeve for that as well. Look for styles that use rubber to stay in place rather than just a tight fit. Or, opt for flexible styles with some stretch as opposed to rigid forms that might dig in behind your ears. You can also try positioning your band slightly further back and pulling some hair out in front of your ears for a more casual vibe.

Whatever style you choose, just know that Queen Blair definitely approves.

Get the look: Forever21 ($4); River Island ($10); American Eagle Outfitters ($13); ASOS ($16); Anthropologie ($18); J.Crew ($20); Cara ($26); Tasha ($42); Lele Sadoughi ($45); Donni ($52)



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