Single Parents Are Begging You to Please *Stop* Asking Them This Question

It's no secret that moms often have to deal with awkward comments from friends, family, random strangers on the street—you name it, someone wants to give their two cents about your parenting. And if you're a single mom, you arguably have even more judgement to deal with.

Just ask comedian, influencer and single mom Kat Stickler. We recently caught up with Stickler at an event for Stir, the dating app designed for single parents.

The TikTok star told us that one of the best way to support single parents is to offer to babysit. "They're giving you that gift for the night!" she said.

But when it comes to unhelpful comments, the mom recounted the particularly annoying question she often gets:

“I was out and they asked me, 'where's your daughter?' and it's like... if she's not with me then she's either with her dad or with my mom, but I don't want to remember that when I'm out!”

Not only is it rude to ask a single parent where their child is (trust us—when a responsible parent goes out for some well-deserved grown-up time, it means they've made arrangements for their child!), but Stickler also points out that it can be painful.

“I know it's a small talk thing, but I don't want to have to remember that I'm not with her, that I'm missing out on time with her. It used to make me really sad!” she adds.

So the next time you meet a single parent who is out having a good time, don’t ask them where their kid is. (Do feel free to offer up a great babysitter, on the other hand.)

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