Hatchelorettes Are Baby Showers for People Who Hate Baby Showers

Baby showers: The event that friends eagerly look forward to for months, counting down the days until they can sit in a circle, boozeless, and watch the mama-to-be open onesies and breast pumps for two to four hours.

Or…not so much. After years of hearing people complain about going to baby showers, I wasn’t exactly excited to force those same friends into an afternoon of watching me faux-gush over all the baby crap that I picked out for myself (including things like pee-pee teepees). Sure, my friends were happy for me and would show up no matter what, but I wanted to have a celebration that was actually fun. Like a party... And that’s when I came up with: the hatchelorette.

Bachelorette + hatching a baby = hatchelorette. In other words, take all the makings of the pre-wedding bonding ritual—but sub out the tequila shots and penis straws for luxuries like yoga, a braid bar or a private chef.

See, here’s the thing: There's a lot of talk about going on a babymoon so you can bond with your partner before your life gets upended by your beautiful new family member. But what about logging some quality time with the close friends who you’ll likely get much less one-on-one time with after popping out a newborn? And it’s as much for them as it is for me: Yes, my life will undoubtedly change, but I want my friends to know I’m still there for them and won’t be disappearing into a black hole of mommyhood, never to be seen again. (If anything, I’m going to need their support more than ever!)

So what exactly goes into throwing a good hatch? Well, just as stag parties vary based on the personality of the bride, it all depends on the mama-to-be. But great food, a relaxing venue and pampering amenities are definitely encouraged.

To give you an idea: For my hatchelorette next month, I’ve rented an Airbnb for a two-night sleepover replete with some lounging by the pool, a chick-flick movie night and a round of baby-shower games (because I had to have some cheesy baby shower aspects).

And for the record, yes, I also encourage dads-to-be to plan a hatchelor party (though, admittedly, the punny moniker isn’t quite as apt for dudes)—this new tradition should be a pre-baby bonding experience for all.

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