From Beckham to Margot, Here Are the 48 Trendiest Baby Names of 2023

The Barbie mania is real

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Baby name trends change with the wind—or, more accurately, with the year—and we have the lowdown on what influenced the top picks for 2023. According to a BabyCenter report, the names that saw the biggest shift in popularity, and those that fell out of favor, were influenced by some pretty specific trends. Read on for the full scoop on the trendiest baby names of the year and how they achieved their status. (Spoiler: short, sweet monikers and names inspired by the entertainment industry were decidedly in fashion.)

Baby Name Trends of 2023

  • Barbie-inspired names. Barbara, Greta and Margot have all been climbing the ranks, thanks to this year’s mega hit movie. 
  • Names inspired by the children of celebrities. Nepo babies are having a moment, which means monikers like Kaia (Cindy Crawford’s model daughter), Sadie (daughter of actor Adam Sandler) and Maya (as in, Hawke) all climbed the charts this year. 
  • Shorter, sweeter versions of traditional names. Nicknames are the new full names, according to BabyCenter. Think: Ellie overtaking Elizabeth, Leo overtaking Leonardo and Theo more popular than Theodore. 
  • Names inspired by TV show characters and athletes featured in sports docuseries. Like Ellie and Joel (both inspired by HBO’s The Last of Us) and Wednesday and Jenna (both from Netflix’s Wednesday). 
  • Names inspired by musicians. Rihanna climbed the popularity charts thanks to a certain Super Bowl performance, as did Taylor Swift-inspired monikers such as Betty, Marjorie, Summer and Ivy. 
  • Girl names ending with -ya. Oh hey, Siya, Haya, Ariyah and Inaya. 

The 48 Trendiest Baby Names of 2023

  1. Greta
  2. Margot
  3. Barbara
  4. Ellie
  5. Joel
  6. Kendall
  7. Siobhan
  8. Wednesday
  9. Jenna
  10. Daisy
  11. Ronald
  12. Rihanna
  13. Sasha
  14. Betty
  15. Marjorie
  16. Summer
  17. Ivy
  18. Kaia
  19. Gigi
  20. Jaden
  21. Jamie
  22. Sadie
  23. Maya
  24. Zoe
  25. Sofia
  26. David
  27. Beckham
  28. Victoria
  29. Lionel
  30. Matteo
  31. Max
  32. Fernando
  33. Maria
  34. Siya
  35. Haya
  36. Inaya
  37. Aadhya
  38. Ariya
  39. Theo
  40. Josie
  41. Leo
  42. Teo
  43. Kai
  44. Jay
  45. Koa
  46. Lia
  47. Tia 
  48. Joy

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