10 Kid-Approved School Supplies You Can Buy on Amazon

Binders, pens, lunchboxes and water bottles are not created equal—just ask your nine-year-old. Thankfully, Amazon has a ton of cool stuff you can’t find at your local big-box store (bendy pencils! Star Wars folders!). Browse our favorite back-to-school picks from Amazon, then crown yourself with the Best Mom Ever award.

7 Genius Ways to Save on Your Back-to-School Shopping List

Opux Premium Thermal Insulated Mini Lunch Bag

With its subtle (read: non-embarrassing) design and practical hot/cold insulation abilities, his friends will never suspect you’ve slipped a mushy love note inside.


Mikey Store Hairball Ballpoint Pen

Cher Horowitz would totally approve.

Buy Now ($4)


Beyle Laptop Backpack

This water-resistant bag comes with a built-in USB charging port. (Because high school is officially high-tech.)

Buy Now ($26)

Jojo Kids Unicorn Pencil Case

Keep his backpack clutter-free with this magical crayon carrier. It even has a mesh pocket where you can secure important items, like that permission slip he swears he’ll hand in.

Artcreativity Flexible Bendy Pencils

She may not be allowed to have a fidget spinner. But some kids simply focus better when their hands are busy having fun.

Amazon Basics Classic Notebook

Because creative writing is serious business.

Contigo Trekker Auto-seal Kids Water Bottles

All sleek, no leaks. Cheers to hydrating in style.

Godery Five-pocket Wall Organizer

Every homework subject has its place. Or, designate a color-coded file for each family member’s paperwork, from your preschooler’s nut allergy instructions to your middle schooler’s team sports sign-up forms. Family life is looking bright—and orderly.

Luxe School Locker Organizer Kit

With a shabby chic mirror and plush shag carpet, her locker will be the middle school sanctuary we all could have used. Climbing inside and hiding from frenemies, optional.