10 Kid-Approved School Supplies You Can Buy on Amazon

Binders, pens, lunchboxes and water bottles are not created equal—just ask your nine-year-old. Thankfully, Amazon has a ton of cool stuff you can’t find at your local big-box store (bendy pencils! Star Wars folders!). Browse our favorite back-to-school picks from Amazon, then crown yourself with the Best Mom Ever award.

7 Genius Ways to Save on Your Back-to-School Shopping List

Opux Premium Thermal Insulated Mini Lunch Bag

With its subtle (read: non-embarrassing) design and practical hot/cold insulation abilities, his friends will never suspect you’ve slipped a mushy love note inside.


mikey store hairball ballpoint pen

Mikey Store Hairball Ballpoint Pen

Cher Horowitz would totally approve.

Buy Now ($4)

beyle laptop backpack

Beyle Laptop Backpack

This water-resistant bag comes with a built-in USB charging port. (Because high school is officially high-tech.)

Buy Now ($26)

Jojo Kids Unicorn Pencil Case

Keep his backpack clutter-free with this magical crayon carrier. It even has a mesh pocket where you can secure important items, like that permission slip he swears he’ll hand in.

Star Wars Folders

Artcreativity Flexible Bendy Pencils

She may not be allowed to have a fidget spinner. But some kids simply focus better when their hands are busy having fun.

Amazon Basics Classic Notebook

Because creative writing is serious business.

Contigo Trekker Auto-seal Kids Water Bottles

All sleek, no leaks. Cheers to hydrating in style.

Godery Five-pocket Wall Organizer

Every homework subject has its place. Or, designate a color-coded file for each family member’s paperwork, from your preschooler’s nut allergy instructions to your middle schooler’s team sports sign-up forms. Family life is looking bright—and orderly. 

Luxe School Locker Organizer Kit

With a shabby chic mirror and plush shag carpet, her locker will be the middle school sanctuary we all could have used. Climbing inside and hiding from frenemies, optional.