Your Kids Will Love This Free, 30-Minute Music Class (No Instruments Required!)

Coming up with ways to entertain your kids throughout the day—particularly when you’re stuck indoors—can be tricky. Coloring? That lasted 10 minutes. A make-your-own-slime science experiment? Ditto. Reading time? Turns out, reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar three times in a row only takes…uh, five minutes. One thing that will keep their attention, we’ve learned (beyond screentime)? An interactive music class. That’s why we’ve partnered with New York-based children’s club Union Square Play to bring you just that.

In the video above, music instructor Alyssa Easterly will guide you and your kids through a free, 30-minute class, where you can use everyday household objects to play all kinds of songs. No instruments or musical skills necessary—just the desire to have a good time (and get loud).

Easterly suggests grabbing some chopsticks, cups and a saucepot, if you have them, though you could also make music with spoons, bowls and canned vegetables. Feel free to get creative with it: two boxes of Tic Tacs can make for awesome maracas and an upside-down muffin tin can make for a great set of drums.

Just don’t be surprised if you grab a set of chopsticks and start rocking out, too.

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