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Everyone’s different with how they do (or don’t) talk about their pregnancy on social media. But we can all agree that in the age of oversharing, there’s a prescient need to keep things classy. Here, eight things we firmly forbid you from posting on the Internet. (You can text us your mucus plug questions privately, if you must.) 

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Your positive pregnancy test
We're down with belly shots. We're even on board with the occasional sonogram pic. But we do not need to see the stick you peed on.

Rambling gross-out rants
Sure, your dinner-plate-sized nipples and increased vaginal discharge are interesting to some of your followers. But probably not your 15-year-old nephew. Or your boss. Or anybody not currently in the throes of your second trimester.

Rambling #blessed rants
Internet bragging is tricky. On the one hand, it's fine to be excited about your pregnancy and grateful for your good fortune. On the other, you may have followers who are struggling with infertility and don't want to be reminded every damn minute about how (seemingly) perfect your life is.


Awkward belly selfies where your phone is obscuring your face
Do you have a friend who can work a camera? Great! Call her over!

Your birth plan
Look, we love that you've decided to water birth atop a yoga ball while blasting Sarah Mclachlan. But we're not sure that's info that your 702 Facebook friends need to possess.

Links to fear-mongering articles about infant mortality
Stop freaking your fellow preggos out and keep your paranoid late-night Googling to yourself.


Anything that compares your fetus to a vegetable
We’re not even really sure what “the size of a kumquat” means.

Anything posted directly from the delivery room
Put. Down. Your. Phone. (And get the epidural.) 

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