9 Things That Your Mom Was Totally Right About

You rolled your eyes at her at the time, but now that you’re all grown-up, there’s no denying it—mom really does know best. From beauty and confidence to dating and manners, here are nine things that our moms were definitely right about.

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She Was Right About Men (Especially Drummers)

“‘Don't date someone you work with’ was sound advice. But of course, I didn’t listen and dated a guy that I worked with in a restaurant. Sure enough, he dumped me and it was horrible seeing him all the time. Never again.” – Amy

“‘Stop dating drummers.’ I went through three tumultuous relationships with guys who played the drums (hey, I clearly had a type) before I listened. And mom was so right.” – Jennie

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Of Course She Was Right About Sunscreen

“My mom definitely tried to stop me from baking in the sun every summer and also told me not to overpluck my eyebrows. I listened to neither and regret both, of course.” – Carolyn

“Shaving one side of my head with the other cropped to a jaunty chin-length bob was not the best look for me. If only I’d listened to my mom before going through with it.” – Dana

And That Planning Ahead Is Never a Bad Idea

“There are so many things that my mom was right about, but the one thing that I totally appreciate now as an adult is her advice that laying out your clothes the night before saves time and ensures your outfit is put together the next day.” – Alyce

“Bring a jacket. The number of times that I’ve been freezing outside (or in a restaurant) because I didn’t heed my mother’s advice? Approximately 916.” – Rachel

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Or How a Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

“Always send a thank-you note—it’s not the easiest task to get a kid to do but it has become habit. And when I left my last job, a colleague showed me that he had saved my thank-you note from my interview with him and told me that it went a long way.” – Lauren

“My sister and I used to fight like cats and dogs, so whenever my mom said that we would be best friends one day, I never believed her. But she was right—now that we’re older, I don’t know what I’d do without her!” – Catrina

Oh, and That Kids and Fine China Do Not Go Well Together

“I did need non-breakable melamine plates once I had children. Sorry for fighting you on that one, Mom!” – Jillian

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