30 Fun and Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

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We wouldn’t say that we’re totally inept in the crafts department, but it’s safe to say that we’re no Martha. Which is why we’ve rounded up a series of cute St. Patrick’s Day projects that require no special skills or equipment whatsoever. So, while you’re cooking your traditional St. Paddy’s Day feast or whipping up some apropos desserts, your kids will love creating these festive crafts. Make the entire ordeal a celebration by cueing up some classic Irish tunes as well. Without further ado, here’s a diverse list of St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids featuring cut-and-paste leprechaun creations for toddlers and preschoolers, jewelry-making crafts for tweens and teens and edible art for, well, anyone with an appetite for food and festive cheer.

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1. St. Patrick’s Day Oreos

Edible crafts are the best kind of crafts. And while mint Oreos are polarizing, there is no better cookie for this yummy craft, which calls for green candy melts, colored sprinkles and about 30 minutes of fun in the kitchen with your kid.

2. Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blowers

Kids will have so much fun huffing and puffing into these pretty streamers. The best part? You probably already have the required materials—a toilet paper tube, tissue paper, acrylic paint and glue—on hand.

3. Shamrock Slime

What child doesn’t love ooey, gooey slime? Fair warning: Between the glitter and tiny shamrocks, things are bound to get messy.

4. Leprechaun With Fork Print Beard

Perfect when you need a quick distraction for the kids, this craft can easily be done in under 15 minutes (if everyone is on their best behavior). Just don’t use your fancy flatware.

5. Fruit Loop Rainbow

All you need is some paper, glue and Fruit Loops, and you’ll have a St. Paddy’s rainbow in no time. Oh, and you can snack while you craft—who doesn’t love that?

6. Leprechaun Hats

Keep a pot of gold (ahem, candy) on hand as a treat for finishing this oh-so-cute project, which comes together in the blink of an eye and requires little more than kid-friendly paint, colored paper, cardstock and a pack of craft sticks.

7. Rainbow Garland

If nothing else, St. Patrick’s day offers the opportunity to bust out some bright colors. Take this eye-catching garland: All you need is colorful A5 paper to make strips out of, glue and some minimum folding skills. Doesn’t that look festive?

8. Puffy Paint Leprechaun

Your little munchkins will love love the sensory experience of playing around with this orange-colored shaving cream. Just keep it far, far away from your plush rugs.

9. St. Patrick’s Day Yarn Vase

Here, a festive and oh-so pretty project that you can enjoy all spring and summer long. We recommend filling it with green chrysanthemums for the occasion, and then adding some marigolds, petunias or other popular summer flowers as the weather gets warmer.

10. Leprechaun Popcorn Hat

First you craft, then you enjoy the fruits of your labor with the perfect family film. Psst: Luck is another kid-friendly animated option that has St. Paddy’s Day written all over it.

11. Four-heart Shamrock Origami

The luckiest day of the year wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of love. This tutorial from Craft Whack features instructions for all levels of crafters, so even if you’re a novel origamist, your loved ones won’t be able to tell.

12. Shamrock Rings

It’s amazing what some nimble pipe cleaners can turn into, as evidenced by this super cool craft. All you need is a pack of 100 pieces and some nifty folding skills to create a little bling that kids will be happy to sport when celebrating with the family (and in order to avoid getting pinched at school).

13. St. Patrick’s Day Monster Cards

Grab some card stock in different shades of green, green yarn, googly eyes, a black marker and some white craft glue and you have the tools to make a craft that’s equal parts festive and spooky. (You know, in case you want something a little more unexpected than the regular leprechaun and shamrock stuff.)

14. St. Patrick's Day Rainbow And Leprechaun Paper Pull Craft

OK, so you may have noticed we love our rainbows, but can you blame us? They’re just so joyful. This craft by Pink Stripey Socks even includes a leprechaun and hot air balloon pull component so the kiddos can interact with it.

15. St. Patrick’s Day Windsocks

These bright St. Patrick’s Day windsocks are sure to be a hit at home or at your kids’ school. This tutorial features three options—a leprechaun, pot of gold and a shamrock rainbow windsock—so your tots can pick a favorite or create all three.

16. St. Patrick’s Day Napkin Wraps

Need to spruce up your St. Paddy’s Day spread in a hurry? These printable napkin wraps are so easy you can let the kids handle them while you put the finishing touches on dinner. Note: This craft requires scissors, so any kid under the age of ten should probably be supervised.

17. St. Patrick’s Day Salt Paint Shamrock

All you need is a shamrock printable, some white glue, table salt of your choice and green watercolor and voila! (Note that the salt makes it so that any little ones involved should be supervised when completing this craft.)

18. St. Patrick’s Candy Bar Wrappers

Another simple yet effective craft, just grab your favorite candy bars, dress them up in these printable St. Paddy’s wrappers and have your kids gift them to neighbors, friends and even teachers.

19. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Streamers

For those who go all out, no St. Patrick’s Day bash is complete without some streamers. In fact, green streamers, a cut out shamrock pattern and a pair of scissors is all you need to bring your living room to life.

st patricks day crafts for kids pinch proof ribbon
Persia Lou

20. DIY Paper Award Ribbons

Tradition says if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day you get pinched. Well, this delightful craft is not only fun to make, but it’ll also guarantee that your kids ward off those pinching leprechauns.

21. Shamrock Pal Finger Puppets

This ridiculously cute finger puppet craft is just right for the toddler and pre-K crowd (i.e., the age group that will actually make use of the finished product). Needless to say, the materials—googly eyes, marker, card stock—are all little kid-friendly, too, and the free printable template makes the whole process a total breeze.

22. St. Paddy’s Day Candy Cauldrons

Pinterest-worthy eye candy that holds a stash of the real sweet stuff? We’re on board, and we bet your kid is, too. Once you’ve scored the candy cauldrons, just charge your kid with the fine motor skill-boosting task of cutting out free, printable rainbows while you man the hot glue gun.

23. Mosaic Paper Shamrocks

Bust out the magazines, scrap paper and sparkly cardstock for a simple cut-and-paste activity with a big reward. This process art project leaves plenty of room for creativity and yields an eye-catching shamrock collage that even the youngest kids can accomplish.

24. Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft

Nothing says “pre-K activity hour” like a good ol’ paper plate craft. Here, paper plates get dressed up with acrylic paint, ribbon, felt and a pom pom to create a mixed media masterpiece that’s highly entertaining to make and downright adorable to behold.

25. St. Patrick’s Day Faux Stained Glass Shamrock

So your little one isn’t quite ready to mess around with actual pieces of colored glass. No biggie: With watercolors, acrylic paint, a stack of mixed media paper and a few other basic supplies, you can craft a festive, faux stained glass work of art that’s every bit as pretty as the real thing (and way easier to manage).

26. Lucky Charms Bracelet

It doesn’t get much cooler than this wearable art project, which involves slathering lucky charms in mod podge and turning them into charms for a bracelet. The hardest part is resisting the urge to eat those satisfyingly crunchy marshmallows—but we reckon your tween or teen (the target age group here) can muster enough self-control for that.

27. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Pizza

As previously mentioned, we’re big fans of edible art. This rainbow pizza craft is an eye-pleasing, savory delight and a form of sanctioned food play that might actually entice your picky little kid to taste a few new vegetables.

28. DIY St. Patrick’s Day Sign

Presenting a DIY St. Patrick’s Day sign that you can actually make in 15 minutes with or without kid participation. (But really, even the littlest kids can glue down a few pom poms and slap some paint over a stencil without screwing anything up.)

29. DIY Pom Pom Rainbow Art

This seriously charming and whimsical piece of wall decor is a nod to St. Patrick’s Day that will inspire year round cheer. That said, this rainbow craft is best reserved for tweens and teens, since it requires some special, grown-up tools (think: pom pom maker, heavy duty scissors, embroidery scissors and a hot glue gun).

30. Cereal Box Leprechaun Trap

We’re kind of smitten with this cereal box craft—and not just because the process is kid-friendly and the materials are inexpensive and/or completely free from your recycling bin. Indeed, the best part of this nifty mixed media craft is the fact that it leans into holiday magic and inspires imaginative storytelling in its kid creator.

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