How to Build a Soundproof Fort for Your Kids, According to an Architect

Your kids went from playing house in a cardboard box to telling ghost stories in a sturdy castle made of chairs and one nifty sheet (thanks to these instructions from IKEA). But now, they're ready to graduate onto something with architectural significance, and design firm Perkins and Will has the blueprints for just that.

No, seriously. As lockdowns have closed schools and opened "remote learning stations," changing the face of education across the country, the folks on Perkins and Will's K-12 education team wanted to create something to reignite kids’ inspiration to learn. And what's more motivating than gifting them a room of their own? (Just like you need an office, your 8-year-old might want a classroom.) The solution? The team designed a soundproof-ish blanket fort to help family members tune each other out while providing a creative learning space for a kid who needs it.

Want a fun project? You can make the fort at home following designer Bryan Harry's guide using wood dowels and copper pipe fittings. Stick to the plan (below) or create your own design.

soundproof fort plans perkins and will
Perkins and Will

Per the instructions, you will need different length wood dowels, 3-, 4-, and 5-way copper pipe connectors and caps. Construct your frame, cover with some blankets and you not only have a fun fort but a sound-protected learning space.

Adults, enter at your own risk.


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