This Smart Litter Box Automatically Cleans Itself—and It's $400 Cheaper Than the Litter Robot

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We're huge fans of the Litter Robot. Not only is it like having a personal assistant just for our cat's bathroom messes, but our pets also seem to love it. The thing is, it costs a whopping $699, which is why we scoured the internet for one that's just as impressive but less aggressive on our wallets. Enter: The PetSafe smart litter box, which will automatically clean and rake your cat's litter every time it goes potty. Better yet? It's on sale for $270 at Amazon right now (for those doing the math, that's $429 cheaper than the Litter Robot.)

What's the Difference Between the Litter Robot and the PetSafe Smart Litter Box?

The design is the biggest difference between the two products. The Litter Robot is more concrete, with a circular shape that works great in small spaces, while PetSafe's ScoopFree looks like a traditional rectangular covered litter box that requires a bit more space.

And while both boxes will clean your cat's waste after they go to the bathroom by raking solid waste into hidden traps to minimize the smells, PetSafe's cleaning cycle kicks in 20 after they've gone and requires a litter tray replacement once per month, whereas the Litter Robot has automated sifting technology that will provide a clean bed of litter each time your cat does their business just minutes after.

Both also keep you in the loop on your pet's "activity" through apps, where you can monitor box usage, though unlike the Litter Robot (which doesn't need litter tray replacements), PetSafe's app lets you set reminders to swap them out each month, so you don't forget.

Do They Work?

The Litter Robot seriously changed our lives. Instead of clumps sitting in an open litter box waiting to be scooped, they were hidden, preventing anything from wafting our way.

While we haven't tried PetSafe for ourselves, this self-cleaning litter box has more than 12,000 glowing reviews on Amazon, most of which mention that they wish they had bought it sooner. One buyer shares, "Wow should have bought this a long time ago. It's as easy as 1 2 3 to clean and put in a new litter tray. My cats also sit and watch it when the rake goes on. [There's been] no odor. I honestly recommend and think it's worth the price."

Beyond that, the disposable and leakproof trays are pre-filled with crystal litter that's crafted for unbeatable odor control. That and the current seven percent discount are all we needed to hear!

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