Sad and Glad Yoga Helps Kids Work Through Their Emotions During These Rollercoaster Days

It’s not even noon, and you’ve already diffused two meltdowns, cleaned half a dozen messes and pulled your kid from swinging from the curtains, Tarzan-style. At any given moment, you have no idea whether your child’s going to be cackling with glee or shrieking in frustration—and you know what? You’re not alone.

All of the changes kids are experiencing right now—homeschooling, not seeing their friends, not being able to go out as much, perhaps sheltering at a relative’s home instead of their own—can put their emotions in flux. It’s something Yoga 216 founder Nicole Katz knows all too well, which is why she came up with a Sad and Glad yoga routine that helps kids name their feelings, process them and move forward. All while burning off some energy, making this an exercise you’ll want to bookmark and use daily.

Check out the video above for the full routine, and visit Union Square Play for even more ways to entertain your kids—while preserving your sanity.