How to Make Your Kid a Magical Rainbow Grilled Cheese

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We’ve long regarded the grilled cheese as one of those tough-to-improve-upon classics. That is, until Kristen Bell whipped up rainbow ones for her brood and won at motherhood again (classic Bell). Luckily, with a touch of food coloring, you too can make the most magical, kid-approved lunch of all time. Find out how in this recipe adapted from our friends at Amanda's Cookin'.

What you need: Four small bowls, shredded white cheese, food coloring, sliced bread and butter.

Step 1: Separate handfuls of shredded cheese into four individual bowls.

Step 2: Add a few drops of food coloring into each bowl. One bowl could be yellow, one could be green, one could be pink. Get creative, people. Gently mix the food coloring into the cheese bowls with a fork.

Step 3: Arrange the different colored cheeses in wide vertical stripes on one slice of bread, then place the second slice on top to secure.

Step 4: Lightly butter bread and go about grilled cheese-making as usual.

Step 5: Rejoice as those lucky kiddos devour every last bite.

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