As much as you love Cookie Monster and the gang, sometimes you want to mix it up with your kids' entertainment. Enter: Puppetsburg. The New York-based show typically does live performances, but given our stay-at-home circumstances, they've moved their educational series online, offering twice-a-week interactive livestreams, puppet tutoring via Zoom (because if your kids won't listen to you, maybe they'll take math lessons from a singing cow) and videos like the one above. Each episode focuses on blending sing-along songs that get kids moving with craft time and educational moments. It's not just shapes, colors and counting, either (though that's represented well)—in this episode, for example, the gang checks in with Emily and her puppet, Dòu Dòu, who show what it was like when quarantine ended in Kun Ming, China, about 400 miles from Wuhan. 

Check out the show above, and visit Union Square Play for even more creative ideas to entertain your kids—and preserve your sanity—right now.

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