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November already?! Time to start holiday shopping. It’s the most wonderful time of year to spoil those we love most: our pets. We know you probably treat your dogs and cats like royalty year-round, but this has been an especially strange year and we bet those pets have made things a whole lot better. These ridiculously cute presents for your pets are all under $30, so feel free to go wild. All right, holiday season. Let’s do this.

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1. Purina Fancy Feast Advent Calendar

Open up a new can of Fancy Feast every day until Christmas (24 cans total) with this cat-focused advent calendar. It’s good to feed kitty a variety of protein, so indulge her in the salmon, tuna, chicken, beef and turkey offered by this fun calendar.

$23 at Amazon


2. DreamBone Furry Christmas Advent Calendar

Why should cats have all the fun? This advent calendar for dogs features 24 rawhide-free bones. Don’t worry, they’re all miniature size and made with real chicken and vegetables. You’ll spoil your pup, but with healthy ingredients.

$15 at Amazon

Zesty Paws

3. Zesty Paws Pup Starter Pack

Zesty Paws makes high-quality nutritional supplements for canines and felines. They taste good and they do good for animal bodies. This starter pack for pups includes multi-vitamin and immunity bites, hemp salmon oil, a sampling of Zesty Paws’ Nutrastix treats and a water bowl.

Buy it ($30)


4. BarkBox Subscription

Oh, a monthly gift delivered to your dog? Don’t mind if we do! BarkBox sends your sweet pup a themed assortment of treats and toys every month. For instance, their Dogsgiving box for November contains a crinkly turkey plush toy and soft, chewy pork treats, among other items.

Buy it (from $23/month)


5. KitNip Box Subscription

Why should dogs have all the fun? KitNip Box delivers a cardboard box every month to your door for your cat. Honestly, they could stop there, and my cats would be fine with the cardboard, but it’s also full of toys, treats and yes, catnip.

Buy it (from $20/month)

Zen Pups

6. ZenPup Honey Peanut Butter Pork CBD Treats

If the holidays cause stress for your dog, these snacks will help. These human-grade, handcrafted goodies not only soothe anxiety with CDB, they relieve joint pain and digestion issues. Celebs like Megan The Stallion and Bella Hadid are fans, so you know the ingredients are top notch. Plus, check out that cute, sustainable packaging.

Buy it ($28)


7. Paw5 Rock N Bowl

This is a puzzle feeder like no other. The bowl rocks back and forth to loosen food, as opposed to simply flipping over like some other puzzle feeders. It sounds like it could cause a mess, but the bowl triggers a canine’s hunting instincts so your dog will sniff out any remaining food. Good for their brain and good for their tummies (it also encourages slower eating).

$15 at Amazon


8. Frisco Color Block Hoodie

Available in sizes XS to XXL, this color block hoodie is hip, cozy and perfect for the holidays. Both dogs and cats can wear it. We think it would be cute for multi-pet households to dress all their pets in these hoodies, but that’s just us.

Buy it (from $11)

9. Frisco Cactus Scratching Post

Cat scratching equipment isn’t the prettiest stuff on the planet, so we loved this idea! It’s a bright, festive green and it almost doubles as a houseplant (almost). Complete with a durable sisal post and a stable base, this thing’ll last ‘til holiday season 2021 and beyond.

Buy it ($18)


10. Frisco Snowy Nights Dog & Cat Cozy Fleece PJs

OK, another fun opportunity for matching pet outfits! These fleece pjs fit snuggly to keep your dogs and cats warm on freezing nights. You’re welcome for the adorable holiday photo opp.

Buy it (from $13)


11. Colorful Melamine Food Bowls

The holidays are a perfect opportunity to upgrade stuff your pets use on a daily basis. These bowls are not only colorful, they’re made of BPA-free materials and have a non-slip base. The chevron design is cute, but don’t ignore the geometric option.

Buy it (from $7)

Wild One

12. Wild One Triangle Tug Toy

What do dogs want more than anything? Your love and attention. This triangular tug toy from Wild One is a durable, and stylish, game you can play with your dog. Made of 100 percent natural rubber and cotton, it also works wonders for multi-dog households (ie: playtime for them, downtime for you).

Buy it ($24)

Bed Bath & Beyond

13. Trixie Pet Products Mad Scientist Game

Perfect entertainment for cats and small dogs, this test tube “science” kit allows your pets to work for their treats. Let them experiment to figure out the best way to release snacks!

Buy it ($28)

Bed Bath & Beyond

14. Pawslife Deluxe Window Cat Perch

While some cat perches and loungers stick out like sore thumbs, this one is sleek, modern and plush for maximum comfort. Any kitty who doesn’t appreciate some extra space in front of a sunny window is fooling herself.

Buy it ($30)


15. Pet Craft Supply Soho Memory Foam Self Warming Pet Bed

Again, upgrading your pet’s favorite items is the ultimate gift. This self-warming, ultra-cozy bed is supportive, comfortable and machine washable. Best for smaller dogs and cats!

From $25 at Amazon


16. Furhaven Pet Plush Orthopedic Sofa

Now, if you’ve got a big dog who needs a new lounge spot, check out this luxurious couch. Now, the super large sizes do go above the $30 limit on this list, but it’s made with faux fur, suede and an orthopedic foam base, so we had to include it.

From $21 at Amazon

Dog Box

17. BoxDog Dog Backpack

While BoxDog is technically a subscription service for dogs, they sell tons of items a la carte. We cannot get over how cute the mini backpack is on the BoxDog site! Complete with elastic straps and leather detail, your canine will be the envy of every dog on the block.

Buy it ($13)


18. Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible Plaid Dog Vest

If you want your pet to be well-dressed this year, toss this best-selling plaid vest on her and call it a day. It comes in several delightful colors and tons of sizes (meaning it works for cats and dogs). Warm and fashion-forward? What a deal!

From $16 at Amazon


19. P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You International Classic Food Sushi Squeaky Plush Toy

Durable enough for canines and felines, this sushi-shaped squeaker is a funny addition to your pet’s toy arsenal. There’s also nothing fishy about the materials. Its exterior contains AZO-free dyes and its interior is made with eco-friendly 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles.

Buy it ($14)


20. White Paw Plush Dog Toys with Squeaker

Will we ever get tired of people cocktails turned into doggy toys? No! This duo is too cute to pass up. They squeak, they’re soft, they’re perfect for the holiday season when all the humans are full of eggnog and mulled wine.

$18 at Amazon


21. Emarth Snuffle Mat for Dogs

If your dog needs to cool it on treats for a while but you want to give her something to chow on, toss some healthy treats into this snuffle mat. By forcing her to dig a little, she has to work for her treats and can have fun doing it. Also, it’ll look like she’s eating salad, which is just funny.

$18 at Amazon


22. Cat Care Wooden Cat Teaser Toy Set

Wood instead of plastic means these teaser wands are more decor- and eco-friendly than bright plastic. This set includes six wands and six unique woven toys; honestly, you can never have too many cat wands, amiright?!

$15 at Amazon


23. HESTIA Interactive Cat Toy Ball

If your cat needs lots of entertainment to keep herself busy this holiday season, invest in one of these interactive toys. Charge it via USB, then let it loose! It rolls irregularly, with lights that change color, so your cat will be challenged to keep up. It shuts down automatically after 45 minutes, too.

$20 at Amazon


24. Bread Catnip Toys

These bread toys look good enough to eat. They’re full of organic catnip so your cat can pretend to eat them. Maybe have some croissants on hand just in case your mouth starts watering as she gnaws on these plush toys.

$15 at Amazon


25. PUPTECK Plaid Adjustable Dog Harness with Matching Leash

What is it about the holiday season that makes us gravitate towards plaid things and matching everything? We don’t care, because this harness and leash set is too cute to pass up. Yes, it’s plaid, but it’s also breathable so your dog won’t get too hot during playtime.

$14 at Amazon


26. Purple Leash Project Ornament and Treats

Pets give us so much; it’s nice to give back to organizations focused on animal well-being. The Purple Leash Project equips domestic violence shelters with pet-friendly facilities and supplies, so pets can stay with their owners no matter what. Proceeds from their annual Christmas ornament and special Beggin’ Strips go directly to the charity.

Buy the ornament ($3)

Buy the treats ($18)

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