11 Heartwarming Pet Memorial Gifts to Give After the Loss of a BFF (Best Furry Friend)

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For a family or an individual with a pet, there's no greater pain than the moment they pass away. These little bundles of joy become members of the family who provide love, support, laughter and boundless energy. They are therapeutic, protective and non-judgmental—which is precisely why the saying "man's best friend" exists. Needless to say, it's no surprise that when a pet owner loses their four-legged companion, they grieve, the same way they would if they lost a human family member. They say time is the best healer of all wounds, but in the meantime, the best pet memorial gifts can certainly be a nice, comforting gesture to an animal parent in mourning.

What Are Pet Memorial Gifts?

Pet memorial gifts are presents that commemorate the loss of a pet and help owners to remember them forever. The point in giving them is to show your support for the family or person who is grieving.

What Are the Best Pet Memorial Gifts?

The best pet memorial gifts will be personal, thoughtful, and, most importantly, help spark positive memories about the pet. They can include details about the beloved animal, such as a name, date of passing or a photo. They can also be an item that’s used to memorialize the pet, whether it's a candle that can be lit every year on the anniversary of the day they crossed the rainbow bridge or a keepsake box for storing fur or ashes to be taken out whenever your loved one wants to think back to the best times and celebrate their life.

If you don't want to go the special-order route or don't have access to the animal’s photos or details, a sweet engraved message of strength or a piece of thoughtful jewelry can be a good idea. This is also ideal for someone who is extra-sensitive and may not be ready to see a photo or even the pet’s name.

What Is the Rainbow Bridge?

The term Rainbow Bridge refers to a poem about a mythical overpass where animals go once they pass on. According to the poem, it’s also the spot where pet parents meet to reunite with their lost furry friends when the time comes. For many pet owners, the idea of the Rainbow Bridge is a source of comfort and support in their time of need, which is why you might come across plenty of memorial gifts that reference it in their writing, colors or even accompanying cards.

Where to Find Pet Memorial Gifts

You'd be surprised at how common pet memorial gifts are. Specialized pet retailers, such as Chewy and Petco, offer them, as does online mega-store Amazon. Beyond that, you can check out custom gift sites, such as Etsy, Personalization Mall, GiftsforYouNow and more for those with more personal elements.vWe’ve shopped them all and more to find the best pet memorial gifts on the web taking into consideration all of the factors above—check them out below.

The Best Pet Memorial Gifts at a Glance

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pet memorial gifts sign

1. Pet Memorial Sign 

Best Overall Pet Memorial Gift

Keep it simple with a photo sign featuring a gorgeous handmade image of your loved one’s furry friend on a durable wrapped canvas with UV-resistant ink. It can be customized with a pet name and dates, and the goodbye message can be a pre-written quote (choose one of four) or one of your choosing. The frame, meanwhile, which starts at an 8-inch x 10-inch size, can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table in a favorite spot.

pet memorial gifts puzzle

2. U Wood Love This Pet Puzzle Piece

Most Unique Pet Memorial Gift

Our four-legged loved ones undoubtedly take a piece of our hearts from the moment they enter our lives—and this 3D puzzle piece, which features a custom pet photo printed directly onto a piece of solid wood, captures that sentiment perfectly. It also be can be personalized with a message of your choosing, as well as the pet’s name and dates of remembrance to make it that much more touching. Multiple reviewers note that edits were accommodated at their request to make the picture just right, and it comes in three different sizes to best suit your giftee’s space.

pet memorial gifts yearn wind chimes

3. Yearn Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Best Pet Memorial Wind Chimes

With a gift like a wind chime, like this one, the owner can remember their pooch, feline or other animal every time they hear its sweet, soothing notes from the porch or the garden, hoping bringing a smile to their face. There’s a solid metal topper in the shape of a paw and a quote reading, “Whispering in the wind” for an extra-special touch. It comes in a ready-to-give gift box and even includes a sympathy card for a personal message of support.

pet memorial gifts blanket

4. Niwaho Custom Photo Blanket

Best Personalized Pet Memorial Gift

This custom blanket will take some preparation: You’ll need to gather four photos and the name of your loved one’s pet (might we suggest their social media accounts?). But it’ll be worth the effort if it means they can cuddle up with photos of their lost friend. Available in four size options and four patterns, it's made from polyester fleece, making this blanket great for light warmth—and all-around emotional comfort.

pet memorial gifts angel of friendship

5. Willow Tree Angel Of Friendship Figurine

Best Pet Memorial Statue

This sculpted hand-painted figure will be a welcome addition to a grieving pal or family member’s shelf, mantle or desk. It features a nurturing angel cuddling a pup to suggest they’re being well-cared for on the other side and comes with an enclosure card that reads "for those who share the spirit of friendship." It’s made of a durable resin and comes in a ready-to-gift box besides.

pet memorial gifts bracelet

6. Unijew Rainbow Bridge Bracelet

Best Jewelry Pet Memorial Gift

This bracelet, which arrives in a velvet bag, is more than just a cute outfit accessory: It’s also a sweet present for someone who has just lost a dog or other pet. The mixed color beads represent the Rainbow Bridge, and there's a cute paw print charm with a heart strung onto the elastic rope representing a beloved animal. A blessing card and a matching rainbow brooch are also included with purchase.

pet memorial gifts stone

7. Quotable Cuffs Pet Memorial Stone

Best Pet Memorial Stone

We love the simplicity of this paw print river rock stone. The idea is to place it outside in a favorite spot of the beloved pet’s, like the garden, or that spot in the sun in the backyard, permanently marking their territory with the words "forever in my heart.” It’s something the kids can even paint with their own messages to further personalize it, and the metal is made of pewter, so it’s not likely to rust.

pet memorial gifts plant frame

8. Leoyoubi Cat Plant Frame 

Best Pet Memorial Plant

Celebrate a kitty’s life with this plant frame in the shape of a cat head that will breathe new life into a grieving home, as the metal tail wraps around a cylinder vase with room for a plant to grow. There’s also room for a 4-inch by 6-inch photo of the pet who’s crossed over the rainbow bridge. Both are upheld by the MDF wood base, which can stand alone on a countertop or mantle.

pet memorial gifts shadow box

9. Tj.moree Shadow Box

Best Pet Memorial Shadow Box

This shadow box is designed specifically to house a pup’s most-loved items, like their collar, a favorite ball or toy or even a vial of their ashes. It comes with hooks to easily hang it on the wall, along with six stick pins and a shatterproof glass window. Swivel tabs on the back also make it easy to open should the urge strike to feel an item in remembrance.

pet memorial gifts memorial stone

10. Orchid Valley Dog Memorial Candle 

Best Pet Memorial Candle

For some, memorializing a pet in a ceremonial way can be healing. This dog-bone shaped memorial stone has a place for a votive candle that can be lit in memory of Fido and relit with a standard tea light in the glass jar each year on his or her anniversary. There's a beautiful hand-painted tribute etched into the top, too.

pet memorial gifts cuff

11. Joycuff Hidden Message Cuff Bangle

Best Pet Memorial Bracelet

Some pet parents who are grieving may not be quite ready for photographic reminders of their fallen fur babies. This surgical-grade stainless-steel bracelet offers a more subtle way to honor their memory with its sweet hidden message on the underside, which reads, "I'll meet you at the rainbow bridge.” The cuff is hypoallergenic, so it can be worn by anyone, and the bangle adjusts for larger or smaller wrists.