15 Passover Crafts and Activities for Kids to Make the Seder Extra Special This Year

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Passover—a holiday that commemorates the Israelites escape from slavery in Ancient Egypt—is a very special, celebratory occasion in the Jewish tradition that involves much merry-making for the whole fam. But what exactly do kids do during the festivities, you ask? Well, we have a time-honored answer to that question, plus a whole host of fresh Passover crafts and activities for kids to share, from family-friendly board games and Passover story puppet shows to plague-inspired art projects. Read on and ready the seder.

What Do Kids Do During Passover?

Jewish holidays are truly family-oriented affairs, and Passover is no exception. In fact, kid participation is an integral part of the holiday—namely because they will one day be carrying on the religious traditions with families of their own. As such, a lot of focus is placed on educating children about said traditions and the Passover story itself…and preferably not in the form of a snoozy lecture.

Kids should be encouraged to ask questions during Passover, and to read “The Four Questions” of the liturgy—typically recited by the youngest (reading) child present—in order to gain and share a basic understanding of the festivities and their religious significance. Beyond that, there’s plenty of kid-friendly fodder ahead—including the traditional afikomen hunt, and perhaps some of the following modern activities, too.

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Here, an easy and blessedly mess-free craft that involves using colored pencils to decorate ten plague-inspired magnets. The activity will keep the under-ten set busy while you prepare the seder and the finished product promises to add some festive flair to your fridge.

This entertaining memory game covers all the bases of the holiday and is an ideal activity for kids who would benefit from a religious refresher course that’s actually fun. Best of all, there’s no reading required, so even the littlest ones can get in on the action.

3. DIY Puffy Matzah Necklace

Our Happy Tribe

Only very basic sewing skills are required to craft these adorable matzah necklaces, and the process is easy enough that even the youngest in the brood can participate with a little help from an adult. When your kid is done honing her fine motor skills with a needle, thread and a few other kid-friendly supplies (i.e., pony beads, felt and cotton balls), she’ll be rewarded with a piece of wearable art that’s sure to inspire pride.

4. DIY Afikomen Bag

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The afikomen hunt is a highly anticipated and particularly kid-centric Passover tradition that involves hiding a piece of matzoh for children to find after the meal and consume for dessert. Needless to say, the afikomen bag is an essential feature of this festive treasure hunt, since nobody wants to eat dirty matzoh. Enter, this beginner-friendly sewing project, in which felt and yarn are stitched together to make a afikomen bag that kids of all ages can decorate to their heart’s content before the seder begins.

Reenacting biblical plagues has never been more fun, thanks to this DIY kit, which includes all the supplies kids need to craft and decorate their own ridiculously cute paper bag puppets and put on a memorable Passover performance.

The seder plate—a special feature of the Passover meal—presents a perfect opportunity for creative, kid-friendly crafting. Case in point: This DIY decorating kit, which allows kids to spruce up their own seder plate by adding splashes of color to the background with non-toxic mediums. While the activity is underway, feel free to remind the young artists of the symbolism behind the six sections on their dinnerware.

7. Passover Bingo

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There’s nothing like a good ol’ game of Bingo to help kids bide their time (and stay out of the kitchen) until the seder starts. This six-board set features “matzah” chips that cover the plagues, the steps of the Passover seder and a variety of other religiously significant symbols for an extra festive diversion that will occupy guests both young and old.

This whimsical bowling game boasts ten appropriately numbered bowling pins for each of the pivotal Passover plagues, plus two balls and the promise of some light-hearted play and religious education.

This holiday twist on the Hedbanz game involves attaching a picture card to your head (with a headband, of course) that only other players can see, while using their clues to deduce what card you’re wearing. Here, the picture cards include traditional seder foods, depictions of the ten Passover plagues, biblical characters and more. Bust this two to four player game out for some family-friendly, Passover-themed fun that kids of all ages (even the non-readers) can enjoy.

10. Seder Slides Game

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Here, a Passover-themed version of the classic childhood favorite, Chutes and Ladders. Easy to play and plenty entertaining, this is a perfect way to enjoy a family game night over the holiday.

11. Toilet Paper Roll Frog

The Best Ideas for Kids

Upcycle a toilet paper roll to create this plague-inspired craft—a simple and inexpensive paint-cut-paste project that even the pre-K crowd can accomplish with minimal supervision. (Psst: If you hoard enough toilet paper rolls in advance, this recycled frog craft can be used to make festive napkin holders for the seder table.)

12. DIY Pipe Cleaner Broom

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Spring cleaning is an integral part of the Passover tradition and this too-cute pipe cleaner craft might just get your messy tot in the mood to pitch in.

There’s much more to this Passover game than a punny name: In fact, this clever card game—featuring Jewish-themed icebreakers in “personal,” “trivia” and “think” categories—promises scintillating dinner conversation and plenty of food for thought.

14. 10 Plagues Banner Craft

Jewish Moms and Crafters

What could be more welcoming than a decorative banner depicting biblical plagues? OK, we kid…but this easy and kid-friendly project does yield some very festive decor. And, better still, there’s a free printable, so the process is practically foolproof.

15. DIY Elijah’s Cup Craft

Jewish Moms and Crafters

Get started on drinking your four glasses of Passover wine while the kids spiff up Elijah’s cup—a fifth, ceremonial glass left untouched on the table in anticipation of the absent guest’s arrival—using nothing more than pretty sea glass paint and a dollar store goblet.

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