Is the Nestig Crib as Perfect as They Say? One Desperate-for-Sleep Mama Tests It Out

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  • Value: 18/20
  • Functionality: 20/20
  • Quality/Ease of Use: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 20/20
  • Comfort: 20/20

TOTAL: 98/100

Sleep is exactly one third of the predictable newborn baby cycle: Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat. So agonizing over where and on what my LO was going to sleep felt justified. If I had to guess, I’d say I spent multiple days worth of hours researching safe sleep and then the bassinets and cribs that fit the bill. There were mesh ones, mini ones, rocking ones and portable ones. And then there was Nestig.

Functionally convertible, aesthetically adorable, Nestig ended up being everything I wanted in a crib. We decided our baby would sleep in our room with us. But in our very vertical townhouse, our room wasn’t all that big. We also weren’t doing a nursery yet since a move was on the horizon (meaning, no dedicated room to put a large crib, but my nesting instincts at the time were having none of that). I also wanted something breathable, not too high tech but not too flimsy, cute but without a lot of ruffles and netting and patterns. Like a bundle of joy dropped down by a stork, Nestig came to answer my laundry list of musts.

Nestig cribs are designed to be your child’s safe sleep surface from newborn to toddler age. The family-run factory in Brazil where they’re made uses sustainable materials and a no-inventory model (meaning they handmake your crib after you place the order). They have five main styles in various colors, and I got the Cloud Crib in its original colorway: brown and white wood. They’re all convertible, the idea being you buy one piece of furniture that lasts through all the early childhood stages.

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The Cloud Crib is a mini crib in its first phase, and it fit perfectly next to my bed. Check one. When my baby is ready, we’ll convert it to full-size, satisfying my need to have the crib checked off my list too. And, listen, this thing is cute. Like, freakin’ adorable. I love the two-tone wood and rounded edges, almost as much as I love the wheels that make it mobile (it’s truly not even heavy, we roll it between rooms regularly). Assembly was a breeze—it basically came in five parts minus the wheels and a couple of sturdy screws here and there were all it took. Check marks across the board.

Now, for the sleep. I’m not going to pretend like my newborn baby slept a full night her first night home. Or for the first few weeks after that. But the *exact night* she turned one month old, you bet your applesauce she did. Seriously, it was almost weird. And I swear it’s because of the crib. It’s breathable and open because the sides are made of rails, but it’s a small enough space that it’s cozy. I could move it wherever I wanted because of those wheels, so up close to my side of the bed she rolled and I could feel that she was more and more content. The hypoallergenic mattress that came with it was thin and firm but not hard, and there were no yucky smells and nothing around the edges that might suffocate her. She slept because she felt comfortable and secure. I slept because I wasn’t freaking out about her safety. And can I really ask for more than that? She’s five months old now and the crib is still living up to my initial impressions.

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In the full-size phase of the crib, the wheels will come off and into her own room she’ll go. It can be adjusted to different height levels, but at this stage, you’ve got to buy your own mattress (they sell some on their website). After that is the toddler bed, complete with little guard rails and a weight limit of up to 50 pounds. Each of the versions are delivered all at once in their own boxes—well organized kits that allow you to store the parts you’re not using without having to keep track of a million little pieces.

As for the more technical safety stuff, Nestig meets and exceeds the safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and ASTM International, most recently the ASTM F1169-19, ASTM F406-19 and ASTM F1821-19 standards. They also test and certify their products with the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) whose requirements go above and beyond the mandatory governmental requirements.

So, is it “the perfect crib” like they claim? Honestly, yeah.

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