The 10 Naughtiest Cat Breeds That Are Just Rrrrrawring to Get into Trouble

Naughty cats might prefer the terms “sassy” or “mischievous.” They’re not ill-behaved, they’re simply eager to make a statement! To go where no cat has gone before! The naughtiest cat breeds tend to be fearless, curious felines or those with shorter tempers. Remember, breed only tells you so much about an animal, as we learned digging into the naughtiest dog breeds. Your cat’s behavior is often a reflection of how well their needs are being met. If you’ve got a very naughty cat, it could be time to adjust their routine, food or environment.

What makes a naughty cat?

As mentioned, the naughtiest cat breeds are often those who love getting into sticky situations or aren’t afraid to lash out at anyone causing them discomfort. A majority of the naughty breeds on our list have been labeled “insistent” or “demanding” by either The Cat Fanciers’ Association or The International Cat Association. These breeds are often incredibly affectionate, doting felines who do not take kindly to being ignored. They may act up to get your attention or meow until the cows come home (or you give them exactly what they want). Many aren’t afraid of scaling the tallest shelves or the darkest corners to explore new lands; this may mean ending up somewhere they aren’t supposed to be.

Some breeds on our list need their space, meaning if they’re sitting on their favorite pillow in the sun and you pat their head, you can expect a nip or a scratch. More often than not, this naughty behavior is targeted towards strangers (often these types of territorial cats will pick a favorite person and won’t give anyone else the time of day).

Can you train a naughty cat?

Cats are smart and can definitely learn routines (not all domestic felines are keen on commands, but some take well to them). If a cat’s naughty behavior gets out of control, take note of when, where and against whom the behavior takes place. There’s a reason behind everything cats do. Once you have an idea why they’re being naughty, you can adjust the circumstances accordingly.

For instance, if your cat keeps shredding your toilet paper, it could be a sign she doesn’t have enough scratching posts available to her. If your cat keeps knocking things off the top shelf, invest in a taller cat tree or wall-mounted perches to offer more height variety. Well-behaved cats are happy cats with healthy outlets for their feline instincts.

Several naughty cat breeds on this list do better with a companion. Adopting kittens in pairs or adding a cat-friendly dog breed to your household is a great way to ensure your pets have pals that will keep them company. This is a great way to help animals burn energy, learn boundaries and become socialized.

naughtiest cat breeds balinese
BravissimoS/Getty Images

1. Balinese

Height: 8-11 inches

Weight: 5-15 pounds

Personality: Curious, loving

Coat: Long

Color: Brown, red, tan, or cream with dark brown or black points

Life Expectancy: 10-20 years

Balinese cats look like beautiful, serious movie stars, but act like goofy clowns. Not only do they need lots of attention, but they also find innovative ways to get it. Active and athletic, it’s possible to channel this energy into agility training or tricks and games. You’ll probably come home to something chewed or scratched if you leave a Balinese alone for too long.

naughtiest cat breeds bengal
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2. Bengal

Height: Medium to large

Weight: 10.5 pounds

Personality: Adventurous, intelligent

Coat: Short

Color: Spotted, marbled tan and brown

Life Expectancy: 9-15 years

Bengals prefer to spend their days investigating stuff. What’s under the bed? What’s up top of this shelf? How many different ways can I wrestle my way into and out of this pantry? Be sure to provide plenty of height for a Bengal to explore. Bengals also thrive in the company of people and other pets. Some have called them aggressive, which likely happens when they are frustrated or bored.

naughtiest cat breeds colorpoint shorthair
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3. Colorpoint Shorthair

Height: 11-14 inches

Weight: 5-10 pounds

Personality: Assertive, devoted

Coat: Short

Color: Cream with red or brown pointing on the face, ears and tail

Life Expectancy: 12-17 years

As one of the most stubborn cat breeds, Colorpoint Shorthairs aren’t strangers to the world of mischief making. Unafraid to assert themselves and yowl when they don’t get their way, these kitties are headstrong. Part of this is an unwavering dedication to their favorite people. Colorpoint Shorthair cats are also highly intelligent, so be prepared to engage their minds with unique toys and games.

naughtiest cat breeds cornish rex
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4. Cornish Rex

Height: 8-12 inches

Weight: 6-10 pounds

Personality: Charming, playful

Coat: Short, curly or wavy

Color: Solid black, white, gray, red, lilac; tabby, calico or tortoiseshell

Life Expectancy: 9-13+ years

For cat owners who want forever kittens, go with a Cornish Rex. These mischief makers are active and playful through old age and have been known to enjoy fetch (!!!). Families with kids and other pets will find Cornish Rexes easily join in with everyone. Some have nicknamed the Cornish Rex a “Con Artist in Fur,” which speaks to their sneaky yet charming tendencies.

naughtiest cat breeds devon rex
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5. Devon Rex

Height: 10-12 inches

Weight: 5-9 pounds

Personality: Devoted, mischievous

Coat: Short, curly or wavy

Color: Various colors and patterns

Life Expectancy: 14-17+ years

If you think you can get away with leaving a Devon Rex out of the loop, you are sorely mistaken. These cats demand inclusion and will find any way possible to insert themselves into the action. They’re also very smart and tend to enjoy puzzle games or interactive toys (though their favorite pastime is hanging out with you). The CFA says when you combine “a cat, a dog, a monkey and Dennis the Menace,” you get a Devon Rex.

naughtiest cat breeds oriental shorthair
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6. Oriental Shorthair

Height: 9-11 inches

Weight: 5-10 pounds

Personality: Smart, Affectionate

Coat: Short

Color: Hundreds of versions, often tortoiseshell or tabby coloration

Life Expectancy: 10-20+ years

Most days, when you’re lounging, your Oriental Shorthair will lounge with you. However, the moment you get up they will incessantly involve themselves in everything you do. Happy to announce themselves when they enter a room and meow until you read their minds, Oriental cats won’t hesitate to entertain themselves by any means necessary when you’re away.

naughtiest cat breeds russian blue
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7. Russian Blue

Height: 9-11 inches

Weight: 7-15 pounds

Personality: Gentle, reserved

Coat: Short, dense

Color: Gray, blue

Life Expectancy: 10-20 years

Now, here’s a cat who prefers to be left alone. Stubborn as all get out and quite reserved, Russian Blues could act out if forced to meet new people before they’re ready. Give them space! If picked up or placed in a spot they haven’t chosen for themselves, you could experience a little nip (though they are usually gentle and sweet with people they know).

naughtiest cat breeds siamese
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8. Siamese

Height: 8-12 inches

Weight: 5-12 pounds

Personality: Social, athletic

Coat: Short

Color: Cream or fawn with brown or black points

Life Expectancy: 10-20+ years

It’s no surprise that Siamese cats are close relatives of both Oriental Shorthairs and Balinese. All three are known for their energetic antics and need to be included. If you’re not a fan of loud cats or throaty meows, don’t get a Siamese. They love to talk! They also love to experiment. Left alone to their own devices, Siamese cats might knock over trinkets or turn on faucets to entertain themselves.

naughtiest cat breeds singapura
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9. Singapura

Height: 6-8 inches

Weight: 5-8 pounds

Personality: Extroverted, energetic

Coat: Short

Color: Tabby coloration, tans and browns

Life Expectancy: 9-18 years

Hiding places are no match for Singapuras. They will uncover that sweater you don’t want them to find. They will figure out how to open the treat drawer. Singapura cats thrive surrounded by friends and family (feline or otherwise). Small but mighty, they won’t leave you alone until they fall asleep.

naughtiest cat breeds turkish angora
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10. Turkish Angora

Height: 9-14 inches

Weight: 5-15 pounds

Personality: Outgoing, sweet

Coat: Long

Color: White

Life Expectancy: 12-17

The International Cat Association says Turkish Angoras aren’t above playing pranks on their families, so watch out for tricks and goofy behavior! A relatively rare cat breed, Turkish Angoras are sociable and enjoy being the center of attention. Even if you have a dog in the household, chances are this cat will assert dominance and establish clear territory.

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