12 Baby Travel Essentials to Help You Survive Flying with Kids

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Whether you’re traveling for the first time with your first child or for the 25th with your five kids, it’s always a daunting feat. Which is why we’ve crowd-sourced 12 parent-approved baby travel items to make it a little bit easier on you—from one mom to another.

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1. Wet/dry Bag

So that all odors—no matter what kind—stay locked in.

2. Backpack

Tip for toddlers: Take them to the drugstore and help them assemble a Dopp kit of sorts. Fill it with the necessities (mini earplugs, tissues, disposable toothbrush) and also a few surprises. Not only will this help you to feel organized, but it also gives them something to look forward to.

3. Play And Learn Soft Book

About those mid-flight surprises: Books always ensure, at the very least, a solid ten minutes of silence.

4. Unspillable Snack Containers

Every experienced mom knows you never travel without snacks. Lots of snacks. 

5. Travel Busy Board

This sensory toy features a ton of fidget-friendly activities and can easily be slipped into a backpack.


6. No-mess Painting Books

Activated by water, the genius paint only shows up on the designated paper. Plus, once the water dries, the paint disappears and your kid has a brand-new canvas.


7. Baby Carrier

Hands-free and eliminates the need for overhead stroller storage.

8. Bunny Soothing Blanket

After all, you don’t really know where those airplane blankets have been...

9. Lollipops

A kid-friendly way to cure plugged ears.

10. Calendula Body Cream

This gentle, natural body lotion will soothe any irritated skin and prevent eczema or dryness. (Free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and colorants.) 

11. Ipad With Pre-downloaded Shows

In case of emergency.

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12. A Change Of Clothes

You can never be too prepared.

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