These Are the Most Popular Dog Names of 2018, According to Rover

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If your 2019 plans include adding a new (canine) member to your household, here's a little inspiration: Dog-walking service Rover just released its list of the year's most popular dog names, based on data from more than a million of its users (and their dogs) across the country.

Bella, Luna and Sadie all made the top ten for girls, and Max, Cooper and Bear popped up on the boys' list. While the most common names haven't changed too much from last year's list, the data does point to a few trends. Pop-culture-inspired names that are on the rise include Cardi, Gambino and Nakia (of Black Panther), and, much like with human baby names, retro monikers are making a comeback (think Minnie, Pearl and Fred).

More surprisingly, names inspired by movie villains—Loki, Bane, Thanos…you get the idea—got a boost in 2018. (Just imagine scolding Pennywise when he gets into the trash.) Oh, and much like everyone else, dog owners have royal fever, based on their regal name choices (including, yes, Harry and Meghan).

Check out the full report for more fascinating stats and some very cute infographics. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go walk Cardi the corgi.

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