If You Were Born in 1995 Then You *Definitely* Heard These Names In Homeroom

If you were born in the ‘90s then you’re sure to recognize the names below (shout out to Sarah S. and Sarah B.!). Presenting a roundup of the most popular boy and girl names from 1995, courtesy of data collected and reported by Name Census and the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Most Popular Girls’ Names from 1995

1. Jessica

The number one most popular girl name in 1995 was this anglicization of the Hebrew name Iscah, which means “God beholds” or “wealthy,” and is thought to have been coined by Shakespeare.

2. Ashley

Chances are you had at least three Ashleys in your class. And it’s no wonder, this  gender-neutral name of Old English origin means “ash tree meadow,” making it a pretty choice for nature lovers.

3. Emily

Emily was actually the top name for baby girls from 1996 until 2007, before being usurped by—wait for it—Emma. Emily has Latin roots and is derived from the Roman name Aemelia. It has multiple meanings, including “rival,” “laborious” and “eager.”

4. Samantha

There were a lot of Samanthas in the ‘90s, but fortunately this name has plenty of nickname potential (Sam, Sammy, Sammie…) so your classmates were able to distinguish themselves. This sophisticated three-syllable name of Hebrew origin is the feminine form of Samuel and means “name of God.”

5. Sarah

Sarah reigned supreme throughout the ‘90s and is still a popular choice today. Yet another name of Hebrew origin, Sarah boasts considerable biblical significance, being the name of Abraham’s wife and the matriarch of the Hebrew people, plus a lovely meaning of “princess.”

6. Taylor

Although arguably the most famous Taylor of all (Swift, duh) is technically an ‘80s baby (the singer was born in 1989), this gender-neutral name of French origin that means “tailor” was popular throughout the decade.

7. Hannah

A variation on the Hebrew name Channah, this soft-sounding and melodic name means “favor” and “grace,” and it was a clearly popular choice in the ‘90s—so much so that an entire TV series was dedicated to it a decade later (Hannah Montana aired on the Disney Channel for four seasons between March 2006 and January 2011).

8. Brittany

This peppy pick has Celtic roots, a simple meaning of “from Britain” and major cheerleader vibes.

9. Amanda

This perky moniker, a spin on the Shakespearean name Miranda, has Latin roots and a meaning of “loveable.” It was also one of the most common girl’s names in the '80s, the popularity of which continued well into the next decade.

10. Elizabeth

Actresses Elizabeth Gillies and Elizabeth Debicki are just two famous Lizzies born in the ‘90s. This traditional name of Hebrew origin has biblical ties—it’s the given name of John the Baptist’s mother and the Virgin Mary’s cousin—and a religious meaning of “God is my oath.”

Most Popular Boys’ Names from 1995

1. Michael

Michael—the number one most popular boy’s name in 1985 that maintained its chart-topping status 10 years later—is a biblical name from the Old Testament whose meaning poses a lofty question: “Who is like God?”

2. Matthew

Yet another biblical boy name that has enjoyed enduring popularity, Matthew means “gift of God” and has religious ties to a certain New Testament apostle.

3. Christopher

Did you even go to school in the early ‘00s if you didn’t have at least one Chris in your class? This one, the anglicized spelling of the Greek boy’s name Christophoros, has many variants across the European continent, all of which mean “bearing Christ.”

4. Jacob

Jacob is one of several biblical names that were a big hit in the 90s; it has Hebrew origins and a dual meaning of “to follow, be behind” and “to supplant, overreach.”

5. Joshua

This one’s giving us serious Dawson’s Creek vibes (oh hey, Joshua Jackson). An unassuming moniker of Hebrew origin, Joshua was the name of Moses’s assistant and successor in the Bible and means “God is my salvation.”

6. Nicholas

Derived from Nike, the Goddess of Victory, and boasting a corresponding meaning of “people of victory,” this boy name of Greek origin is truly a winner.

7. Tyler

This gender-neutral moniker of British origin has a meaning—“tile maker” and “roof worker”—that reflects its historic use as an occupational name.

8. Brandon

This boy name may have been in the top 10 in the ‘90s, but it’s been dropping in popularity since—it only came in at number 181 in 2021. Equal parts friendly and strong, this name has Celtic roots and a powerful meaning of “prince” and “chieftain.”

9. Daniel

Daniel, on the other hand, was a popular name back then and is still a popular pick now. In fact, it hasn’t left the top 20 list since 1980. A fine choice for a boy with a strong moral compass—this sweet and melodic boy’s name of Hebrew origin has a weighty meaning of “God is my judge.”

10. Austin

Austin is a modern twist on the Latin name Augustine and a good fit for parents with high expectations. (Hint: It means “great,” “magnificent” and “majestic.”)

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