Kimpton Hotels Will Now Help Your Kid With Remote Learning, Because 2020 is the Weirdest

Let us paint you a scenario: You are on hour four of trying to teach your kid how to do multiplication over Zoom. The internet is cutting in and out and your child’s teacher can’t seem to get her screen sharing to work for all of the students. Sounds familiar? This is the reality of the virtual learning society we live in today. And for most families, it’s truly becoming a drag. 

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants gets this, which is why they're committed to helping with distance learning while you and your clan are on the road. 

The company recently launched the first-ever Chief Virtual Learning Officer (CVLO), a new position at a handful of Kimpton properties across the country created to make remote schooling easy for those who are traveling in the upcoming months. This means there will be a person dedicated and available to help with all virtual learning needs. All you have to do is call the hotel lobby and they will send their CVLO up to your room to assist. You can even schedule an appointment in advance if necessary. 

“Whether it’s setting up their Zoom or troubleshooting when they click the wrong tab—Kimpton’s on-property Chief Virtual Learning Officer is available to help make sure your kids are set up for success—leaving parents with a bit more time to focus on their own work or just sit back and enjoy some well-deserved R&R,” the company wrote in a press release. 

Aside from the CVLO, the offer also includes Kid-Friendly Wi-Fi, a complimentary mid-day “Snack Pack,” the addition of school supplies to Kimpton’s popular “Forgot It, We Got It” program, complimentary document printing, tips for parents on how to kid-proof their room and, upon request, kids desks and booster seats for hotel desk chairs. 

Bottom line. Is it worth booking a vacation to a Kimpton hotel just so somebody else can deal with the perils of Google Classroom? Maybe. 

For more information on Kimpton’s Chief Virtual Learning Officer program, visit here