7 Toddler Yoga Classes That Will (Hopefully) Chill Them Out

Your tot is bouncing off the walls and won’t give any of the bajillion toys in your home the time of day—beyond dumping them out on the floor and walking away. Unless you can get your rambunctious child to chill out and focus his energy on one thing, the chances that you will make it through your conference call without an epic disaster are slim. The solution? Turn on one of these toddler yoga classes for some guilt-free screen time that might just help your kid calm down.

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1. cosmic Kids Yoga

Jaime is the very chipper yogi behind Cosmic Kids Yoga, which offers a host of extraordinarily popular YouTube classes that are specifically geared towards the pint-sized crowd. She’s good at it, too: Maybe it’s her upbeat demeanor, or the way her yoga routines unfold to the narrative of classic fairy tales and popular Disney flicks. Whatever the reason, Jaime stands a very good chance of coaxing even the wildest child into a calmer state after just a few moments.

2. appu Series

Appu Series is a YouTube channel that specializes in live-action and animated educational content for kids. The topics run the gamut, but they do offer an excellent virtual yoga class for kids that prefer to watch and learn from cartoons. When a kid overcomes his aversion to real people on a screen, it’s kind of a developmental milestone, right? (Er, just kidding we don’t do screen time…) Bottomline: if your tot has not yet crossed that bridge, check this one out: It’s like ‘Baby Bum’ for the little yogi soul.

3. play In The Park - Yoga With Adriene

Adriene is a charismatic instructor with an impressive ability to tap into a youthful spirit—without turning off any parents who might want to participate. Never cloying, but always pleasantly playful, Yoga with Adriene boasts a number of kid-centric and all-ages yoga lessons that can be enjoyed by toddlers, parents and everyone in between.

4. bala & Shala

Bala and Shala share a philosophy that basically sounds like it came from your dream babysitter: “Friendships can be confusing and maybe upsetting. Maybe it’s frustrating when you can’t reach things on the top shelf! We understand and would love for you to come share all your feelings and laughs while we do some yoga moves!” Yep, we’ll sign on and hope for some all-around chill with this yogi duo.

5. yo Re Mi

Yo Re Mi is a musical yoga program that pairs cute and catchy songs with calming movement routines. They’re served up as one to two minute classes that are fun and engaging for the preschool crowd, but a little bit more down to earth than Cosmic Kids. The YouTube channel offers themed playlists (like ‘space yoga for kids’ and ‘transportation yoga for kids’) and there’s plenty of content to pick from, so downward dogs will never get stale.

6. storyhive! Yoga For Kids

This one-off yoga class led by Sophia Khan is playful and exciting enough to keep kids engaged—and yes, it’s packed with plenty of quality yoga instruction, too. Khan covers all the bases, incorporating breathing exercises and introducing concepts like “setting an intention.” The approach is kid-friendly, but a bit more sophisticated than some of the other options, so it’s well-suited for a tot who’s already feeling fairly mellow.

7. yoga For Kids With Alissa Kepas

Alissa Kepas of Alo Yoga provides 15 minutes of calming yoga instruction with interactive elements that will keep kids of all ages engaged. Kepas’s routine doesn’t have the flashy, over-the-top style of Cosmic Kids classes, but her approach is plenty upbeat and energetic. Young yogis will come away from this class with a better understanding of basic poses and (hopefully) a calmer state of mind.

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