The Absolute Best Way to Get Dried Snot Off Your Kid's Face

Face it, your child is repulsive

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It’s a wintertime ritual: Your child puts on his snowsuit, runs around in 30 degree temps, returns home for hot cocoa...with a face entirely encrusted in dried boogers. Here’s a super-easy, tear-free way to clean him up.

What you need: Cold cream and a tissue. 

What you do: Dunk the tissue in the cream, then smear it all over your child’s nose or anywhere else that’s looking crusty.

Why it works: Unlike water or a wet wipe, the cold cream moisturizes skin while instantly removing goo—meaning it’s less irritating for sensitive little noses.

So? You just may be able to keep your little phlegm-monster looking semi-presentable…that is, until he spills cocoa straight down his sweater.

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