The One Thing to Look Out for with Holistic Pet Care

holistic care for pets

A decade ago, you thought “mindfulness” was just a buzzword. Today, you’re waking up early to meditate, getting acupuncture during your lunch break and texting with your reiki provider.

And in 2019, holistic treatments are not only available to you but also to your furry friends. Pet parents with dogs who have joint and arthritis issues (i.e., corgis, Great Danes) are using canine acupuncture to ease their pain. And pet parents with high-anxiety dogs are giving their pups doses of CBD oil to great effect. We’re also hearing about pet owners using treatments like reiki, hydrotherapy and sound therapy to help their dogs bounce back after medical procedures or cope with chronic pain and/or anxiety daily.

And while a bad session of reiki or sound therapy can’t really hurt your dog’s overall well-being, if you’re seeking acupuncture treatment for your pet, there’s one you thing you should watch out for: Make sure sure the therapist you're seeing is a certified professional. You don’t want to cause more harm to your pup with a bunch of tiny needles.

So, what does that mean? It means that you want to use a veterinarian (DVM or VMD) with a CVA or FAAVA in addition to their title. This shows that your vet has gone through advanced training to provide acupuncture to your pup.

And when it comes to CBD, there are a ton of products hitting the market. Before you're tempted to give your dog a chill pill, check in with your vet to get the official OK.

Speaking of self-care, sounds like Little Miss Puggy is begging for a massage in the other room. Better get on that.

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