Granny Pods Are Trending and They’re Cooler Than You’d Think

Of course, you love your parents and um, your in-laws, too (most of the time, anyway). And it really would be nice to have them living nearby. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re chomping at the bit to have them move in with you. The solution? Invest in a granny pod.

These micro (and often adorable) homes are also known as accessory dwelling units or med cottages. Designed to fit into a backyard (they can be as small as 300 square feet), they’re the ideal fix for retirees who don’t want to give up their independence completely by sharing a roof with their kids, but also don’t want (or can’t afford) to get a place of their own.

The idea is that these small abodes plug into existing plumbing and electrical lines, and many are built with special features such as wider doorways (for wheelchair accessibility) and no threshold showers.

inspired independence granny pod
Inspired Independence

And some of these granny pods are downright luxurious. This one features high ceilings for more light, two spacious bedrooms and a large front porch. (Um, maybe we should move in instead?)

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medcottage granny pod
Med Cottage

Just think of a granny pod like a self-contained guesthouse in your backyard—one that happens to come with a free babysitter for the kids.

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