Yeah, Gigi Hadid's Outfit Is Cool, But What About That Stroller She's Pushing? We Investigate

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I’m in the market for a stroller. So when I see one roll by, I eyeball it without shame to identify the brand. Like, to a creepy “is she about to steal my baby?” level. And if you’re guessing that sometimes I make my husband walk up next to a stroller and pretend to read a to-go menu so he can get a closer look for me, you’re absolutely right, and I’ve already prepared my statement for when someone eventually alerts the police.

Anyway, the obsession doesn’t stop IRL…I have clocked hours upon hours researching strollers online, since right now heading to a BuyBuyBaby to push them around feels a little too germy. I basically have a certificate in strollerology because trust me, as an expecting new parent, that is a thing.

When the recent photos of Gigi Hadid strolling her baby girl around NYC with sister Bella popped onto my screen, I scanned article after article to figure out what she was pushing. Because I think we can all agree that’s it’s gorgeous, right? Look at the white canopy, the sleek aluminum and that basket. Oh, the basket! But there was no info. Nada. Not a whisper. It was then I knew what I had to do. I dusted off my millennial girl investigator’s cap and pulled it on tight. But instead of sitting down to sleuth out my best friend’s ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s dog’s name, I dropped everything I was doing and went full speed ahead into Stroller Land. Because I am an adult now, OK?

And guess what?! I found it! And you guys, it’s actually…normal? The stroller in the photos is the Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller in Fresh White, and you’ve one hundred percent heard of this brand. It’s luxe, yes, but at $899, it lives in the same high-end category as other popular strollers like Uppababy or Cybex. 

Now, as far as her baby girl's name, your guess is as good as ours (any other Dorothea theorists out there?). 

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